Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{ More Eddie...}

Sorry folks...nothing crafty...just more EddieK. :0)

Found this video today...and it brought me to tears...just had to share...have I mentioned that this is one beautiful human being...okay...I don't know him personally...but come on!! ;0)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{ Oh Happy Day! }

It is a dark, windy, rainy...quite frankly...lousy day outside. However, there is always a remedy to that and I have found it!!

I decided to download some new music for the girls today. I checked out some new tunes for me and lookie what I found!! I realize not everyone will be as stoked as I...however, I thought I would share in case anyone has a love like mine!

Not sure if it is just me...Do you have that one artist that just does it for you. You know. You hear his voice...and it just takes hold of you...your eyes have no control...the smile slowly starts to take hold of your face...your head starts to sway and soon the rest of your body follows. You fall into a trance like are in another dimension. Well, for me it is the ED Dimension. I can not explain what this mans voice(eyes, smile, aura) does to me. It is almost a spiritual experience. I once went to a concert that he was the opening act for. I did not like the headliner...I only went to see Live. The 30 mins spent with ED was soooo worth the ticket price!!Okay...enough about me.

Experience it for yourself...drink in all that is Ed Kowalczyk...and then download the it!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

{ Attention all those who love to read!! }

One of my new loves is reading and one of my new found authors(loved her book!!) is having a contest. Go on and check out the new trailer for her book The Dark Divine...and then go out and get a copy and read it!! Also go and check out Bree's blog if you want to join in the contest to win some new books...maybe even a signed copy of her new one...and maybe even an ipod(if there are enough viewers of the new trailer)