Friday, April 25, 2008

{ Happy Friday and only 4 more sleeps!!!! }

I am starting to bounce a bit now...heeheehee...I am so glad that I am working the next 3 days, or I would go mental. Hubby is on holidays as of 4:30 today and he so wishes he was working this weekend now. ;0) But he gets to spend the weekend cleaning the house ;0)

Okay, a quick post...I am just getting my youngest ready for school and me ready for work this afternoon...

I love this card! These cows from TAC are just too cute!! I added a ton of glitter to it. I used my Quickie glue pen and suggested by my Mom. Thanks, Mom! The dewdrops are a little lost on this one, but I still like it. This sketch was from Julee's Mojo Monday from last week, but once again I did not get it posted in time. Oh well ;0)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be posting a challenge for while I am away, so stay tuned this weekend!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{ 7 more sleeps!! }

Yes, I am getting a tiny bit excited!! So far, so good...the girls still do not know. Here's hoping it stays that way. Now both of the girls teachers and the office know they will be away...hopefully everyone will keep their mouth shut!! ;0)

Oh and in case any one is wondering? is still snowing here!!! I am so sick of this weather! There is no break until about Friday. They say that we are suppose to have sun and about 9C or 10C for the weekend and then up to about 13C on Monday...we will see about that.

So I think this card is quite fitting...

I had made this one for Beates Weekend Sketch Challenge...but of course never got it posted in time. But I saw that my friend Nancy won this weeks Challenge! Woohoo, Nancy! I got to use another one of my new TAC sets. I loved these penguins when I saw them in last years catalogue, but they were a hostess set. I was so excited to see them in the catalogue!! This was a fun sketch...might be using this one again.

Thanks for stoppin' by and hope it is sunny and warm where you are...or maybe not! ;0)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

{ Hula Girls and Challenge card }

Okay, for those of us that a buried in snow and wind...close your eyes and image you are on the beach in Hawaii...check out these hula girls!!

Couldn't resist...the girls were playing dress up yesterday after we got back from getting hair cuts. They were performing for me, so I HAD to shoot a few pics. :0)
On another note...I stamped lastnight! And did a challenge too! Here is my entry into Ila's Highhopes blog candy. I think I like it. This is so out of my element. I don't usually use more than one kind of DP together. I see so many wonderful creations out there, but when I try...well to me it just looks messy and icky. I was lucky enough to have this great DP that I had bought off of Nancy awhile back. Enough babble...what do you think?

I love these stampsets from TAC. The butterfly is from the new mini and the sentiment is on the last page of the catty. I almost missed it and so glad that I ordered it. There are some great sentiments in the set. The inside of the card says...'to forget about your dreams'. As you can see I also too a stab at Beate's Thumping technique from a few weeks ago. I LOVE this technique. It is so pretty!!

Well, I am off to do some laundry. My darling daughter decided to dump 1/2 a bottle of cough sirup all over mommy lastnight! Yuck! Should have done the laundry lastnight...not too sure if it will come out of everything now...oh well.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

{ Give me a break!!! }

Just thought I would share...for all those who keep bragging about your beautiful spring weather!

See all those cold snowy bikes on the right?? Yup...Daddy bought new bikes this's all HIS fault!!

Hope your day is nicer than this! :0)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

{ Dream }

I managed to get in some stamp time lastnight. Well really...I had to! I needed to stamp a bday card for my Nephew who had a bday on the 7th. Yup...kinda behind. I of course had to masculine bday cards laying around that would be good. Not too sure this is okay, but it will have to do. I like it...but it may be a bit girly still.

It is hard to tell from the pic, but this is one of the new Disney Cuttlebug die/folders. Mickey's face is embossed on there too. I added some stickles to his eyes and used some chipboard for the sentiment ribbon slide. And of course I had to use some of my new dewdrops. These are actually silver metallic...though they look pearl in the photo.

This is a gift card holder with a Chapters card inside from him. I hope he likes it.

Okay I am off to make a cup of Tazo. I am tired tonight. I have started getting up at 5:45AM every morning so that I can workout before everyone is up. I finally decided that this is the only way I am going to get back onto a regular workout schedule. I am not a morning person, so this is a hugh deal for me. I have done 6 days a week for the past two weeks now. I am pretty proud of myself. AND!!! I have even done some jogging the past few mornings! Nothing major, but considering I have NEVER jogged in my life...well not on purpose anyway...I am quite excited. Only been about 4 mins or so, but hey, its something! Not too sure if I will do too much...can already feel it in my ankles and shins...yes, I am a big wimp! ;0)

Have a great evening and thanks for stoppin' by. :0)

{ 13 more sleeps!!! }

Quick post...just on my way to the bus stop. I am so sorry for not being around much lately. It has just been busy around here and I have not had much stamp time. I am hoping after the vacation things will get back to normal.
Just thought I would share the Card box set that one group of my ladies did last week.

I will try and post again later on tonight, but first I have to download the pics from the camera. Thanks for stoppin by...gotta run!! ;0)

Friday, April 11, 2008

{ OMG! OMG! Go check it out! }

You have no idea how excited I am right now! Our friend DottieK has FINALLY started a blog. Okay, go...go now!! Check it out! I am just too excited...can you tell?? ;0)

Welcome to blogland, Dottie! :0)

I have nothing new to share today. My monthly class is tonight so I will share something this weekend with you all and hopefully get some fun stamp time in too.

Have a great weekend all!

p.s. check out this cool new siggy that Jen made for me! This was a gift from her for her 1 year blogaversary...just to say thanks for being a blog friend. Is that not the best? Thanks again, Jen.

Monday, April 07, 2008

{ Gotta love a skunk? }

Yup...I am in love with a skunk! Check this out!

I got the chance to stamp this afternoon. Yippy!! I am so in love with this card! Don't you just love it when you create something that you are totally in love with? I received a hugh order of TAC stamps this weekend and had to play. I just love these skunks...don't you? And I actually did a sketch challenge. Woohoo for me! This is my entry into Julee's Mojo Monday for this week. I was not too sure about this sketch at first. Not that I didn't like it...just that I was not sure I could pull it off. Well I am thrilled with it! I also got to use my new dewdrops from Jody's share.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

{ Happiness }

I actually did some stamping yesterday. I have a project to get done for my stamp class next week. This is the first prototype, but not the one we will do. I have been struggling a bit with this one. I need an easy sketch for the cards so that the ladies can all get the project done within a few hours and not be here all night long!! ;0)

I really like this template for the box though. A big thank you to Rochelle for the great tutorial. I think I may make a bunch of these as gifts...for who? No idea, but I am sure I can find someone. ;0)

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

{ Man...I give up! }

Okay, so lastnight was our Calgal gathering. It took 5 of us 2 hrs to sort all those Dewdrops! It was...interesting. If you don't know already you can see all the details on Nancy's blog here.

I was not feeling very creative lastnight so I just colored and did not make a thing! But hoping to get some stamp time this weekend.

When I left Nancy's house lastnight at 12:20AM it was lightly snowing, but the roads were clear. Then this is what I awoke to at 7:30 this morning!!!

Someone just shoot me now!! Oh least we got to make a snowman with it this morning.

Have a great weekend all!! I am going to try my best to post at least a few more times this week...try. ;0)