Monday, February 28, 2011

{ Some happiness in my world of... }

continual crappy weather!! Seriously?? Whatever... Just thought I would pop in tonight after I posted book #16. Unfortunately, I have no new creations. Well, actually I do, just too lazy to take photos. However, I promise to get them done tomorrow...maybe. In the meantime, I thought I would share something 'happy' that I found this week. I am a HUGH fan of Maggie Stiefvater, author of The Wolves of Mercy Falls series(Shiver, Linger and soon to be released Forever). Maggie posted a little sneak peak from her upcoming book Forever. I love listening to Maggie read. I love reading what she has to say. I want to be her best friend...if only I was that smart. Yes, she is just THAT cool...and yes, I have a crush...well, not in THAT way...well maybe...well, anyway...enjoy...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{ Some Old Mojo }

Thought I would pop in for a quick post before I head off to bed. I just posted book #15...and an awesome one too! Here is an old MojoMonday that I did not get done in time, but still had fun with. This was MojoMonday #172. This was another old colored image I had sitting around. I am pretty happy with the way this one came together. It always helps having one of Julie's awesome sketches to follow though too.

Well, I am off to our Calgal night tomorrow. Which I need desperately, since this is my last card in my stash to share with you. Well, actually I think there maybe a few more that I have yet to take photos of, but still I need some more!! So wish me luck in getting some actual creating done tomorrow night!!

Thanks for stoppin' by...

{ Cover Reveal and Contest }

I am very excited to share a cover reveal and contest with you all today. I recently read the book Firelight by Sophie Jordan. Today I found the new cover reveal for Vanish and an awesome contest. So for all fans of Firelight head on over to Books Complete Me for the details. For anyone who has not read Firelight yet...head on over to Goodreads for MY review and others and then head out and grab a copy and give it a will love it!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{ Ready for Spring...anytime you are }

Happy Saturday Everyone! Okay...just a little complaining from me today...where is Spring? I am so ready!! I am so sick of cold weather and snow!! I know the sun is shinning today, but really? Is it too much to ask for to have some plus temps and no snow? Really? Since the weather is still stuck on is another Christmas card for ya...

This was another Clean & Simple design...
sketch #123. I have had this image sitting on my desk for awhile now too, so decided to cut it out and use it! The photo is not great, but I really do like this one. I added some stickles to his hat for some bling. Very easy, but cute.

Well, I finished off book #14 today and have started on #15 and really looking forward to THIS one...lots of action I think! It's a long weekend here for us this weekend, so hopefully I will get some reading and maybe even some crafting in. Hope you do too!

Thanks for stoppin' by...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{ Week almost over }

I know. It is only Tuesday. The kids have a short week this week due to Teacher's Convention. Tomorrow is the last day this week and then they are off for 5 days. I still work Friday and Saturday, but no really early mornings, so it kinda feels like a holiday for me too.

So we had the dentist appointments yesterday. Which means I need to vent a little. I really should have been a dentist. The girls appointments went well. The youngest has no cavities...still. The oldest has one tiny one. They will be able to fill it without even freezing it. So they both had checkups and only one had xrays. $420!! Then another $150 to fill the tiny cavity and we have to wait till June for that. Wow! And we learned that our visit to the Orthodontist will start ASAP! I thought we would have another year, but no such luck. Our dentist...who we love, even though I complain...thinks that they will most likely start some small treatments on our oldest one sooner than later. Anyway, both of them will be seeing an Orthodontist. So we have a long road of dental work ahead. So in other words? I am currently looking for a second job. Okay...enough of my whining for one day...

Here is a card I made using up a colored image I had laying around for quite sometime now. It is such a big image, I just never got around to using it. This card is 5 X 7, so much bigger than the norm. Nothing too thrilling, but I still like it.

Thanks for stoppin' by and I will be back again soon as book #14 should be done tomorrow.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

{ phew...glad that weekend is over }

Not that it was a terrible weekend, but glad it is over with. It was our youngest bday on Friday and we had the sleepover, bday stuff and getting ready for Valentines Day. The oldest one sprung that she wanted to take something to school tomorrow. So we had to throw together some cookies tonight. I promised to be more on the ball for Easter though! ;0)

Here are a couple of creations using the same sketch challenge. I got this one over at Clean & Simple. This was sketch #125. It is very simple. Not too sure I love them. I am use to adding bling or something and they just look to blah for me. But they are
certainly an easy card when you need one in a flash! And now I have a couple more cards in my stash.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow. We are taking the kids to the dentist tomorrow!! Aren't we fun parents?? Oh well...we are surprising them with a trip to the Fire Escape on Thursday, so I am sure they will forgive us.

Thanks for stoppin' by and see ya soon.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

{ Love Is In The Air }

No you are not imagining things. I am back again. Two days in a row! And yes, I finished book #11 already. It was amazing! If you go to my post regarding my 100 Book Challenge I have links for all the books I have read and you can read my reviews for each one. Just if you feel the need. ;0)
Here is a Valentine's Day card for ya. This was another colored image from 'The Binder'. I used MojoMonday #174 for my inspiration. It turned out okay I guess. I am not overly thrilled with it, but it's okay. Luckily I still have a handful of creations left to keep posting with. I am not too sure how much creating I will get done this week as my youngest's bday is on Friday, so we have stuff going everyday this week. I am hoping to get some more creating in next week though.
Thanks for stoppin' by and see ya soon...cause book #12 is EXTREEMLY short!! ;0)

Monday, February 07, 2011

{ Birthday Wishes }

Finished up book #10 last night, so here is my next creation for ya. This was #3 of the 3 cards I made at January's Calgal night. I had brought along all my Disney stuff for Nancy to look through, so I thought I might as well use some. The main image is actually a sticker. I love this one. Love the image and the colors. I might use this one for my daughters bday card. It is her 8th bday on Friday and I am not too sure I will have anytime for creating this week. She has already seen it, but she loved it then, so I am sure she would love to have it as her own.

Not feeling all that great tonight, so off to make some tea and read some more of book #11...which I am halfway through and lovin'...and then probably play Harry Potter Lego Board Game with the family.

Thanks for stoppin' by and I am sure I will be back tomorrow or Wednesday with another creation.

Friday, February 04, 2011

{ New Stamp Room }

Happy Friday Everyone! Just thought I would pop in and share some pics of my Stamp room. It is not 100% done yet. I still want to add a few more sheets of pegboard to the opposite wall, just to finish off the main area of the room. Here is what I have done thus far...

I am so happy to have everything out in front of me but still organized. There were a few things that I never used cause they were stored in a drawer and I never went searching for things. The last photo I took just to show I have all my scraps and DP organized as per color. It is soooo much easier to find paper now! I also have a bin of just Christmas paper and one for all my Disney paper. Love it. All the thanks goes to Shannon. After seeing her stamp room I decided to do this. I love the white shelves on my pegboard too. They are from can find them HERE. Like I said, I just want to add a couple more sheets of pegboard behind my ink storage unit. Just to finish it off and also to have some more area for pegs if I need them. I am pretty happy with it though. :0)

My next goal is to organize my stamps and to make a reference book of all my stamps. A Hugh project but one I have been wanting to do for awhile. Wish me luck. I will share photos after I get it all done.

This last pic had to be taken since I was taking photos. This is of all my books thus far...cause we all know that there will be more before long. ;0)

Hope you all have a great weekend. I am sure I will be back in the next day or two...just about finished book #10. ;0)

p.s. I might be changing the blog template again...still a few things that are bugging me about this one...just to warn you.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

{ Best Wishes }

Happy Thursday All! Finished up another book here I am with another card for ya. This was the second card I made at our Calgal night in January. This pic is not the best, but I Really like this card. Gotta love that border puch that I borrowed from Merlie! This was a VERY simple card, but I love it.
Well, I am off. Thinkin' I might have to make a trip to Michaels today. Merlie is quite the enabler and has alerted us Calgals of some can see them here at Allisons blog... in the cheapie area of Michaels. Guess I will HAVE to go and get some too. ;0)
Have a great day and thanks for stoppin' by...