Friday, January 29, 2010

{ TGF CHA Relay #1 }

I so hate coming up with blog post titles!! ;0)

Just thought I would share my first creation for the TGF CHA Relay. The relay began on Monday this week and was to continue each day until today. However, due to the overwhelming entries on this contest, they had to stop it 3 days into the challenge. It was still fun and I ended up with 4 new TGF images to play with. So thank you to all the ladies over at TGF for all the hard work on this one!

This first image was a freebie to everyone on day can still get it off TGF blog...

He was very fun to color and I look forward to making more with him and possibly getting him and Mermaid Anya together someday.
Well...I am off to clean up and take a shower. Was not feeling great last night and still feeling a little foggy. I am off to Shannon's tonight for CALGALs(see my sidebar), so hopefully I can get myself in better shape for stampin' tonight.
Thanks for stoppin' by...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

{ Deer Friend }

Good morning to you all. Well, looks like it is going to warm up a bit, but also looks like we are in for a bit more snow too. I really need to win the Lotto so that I can pack up and head off somewhere warm and sunny for a bit. I am soooooo done with winter this year!! Oh well...

Today I have a card I made a few weeks ago. Allison had done up a sketch and posted it to an online group we both belong to and I managed to play with it.

To be honest, I was not too sure I could do this one, but I am VERY happy with the way this one turned out! Thanks Allison! And we are actually going to be using this same sketch tomorrow night at our January CALGAL(see my sidebar) night.

I love this little deer image...Forest Friends from TGF! Well...I think I might try and play a bit today.

Have a great day and thanks for stoppin' by.

Monday, January 25, 2010

{ Puppy Love! }

This weekend I spent some crafty time with my friend her new attic stamproom! I decided to just color some images, since it has been awhile since I just colored. I brought along my new Karen's Doodles images. So here is my first KD creation!

I absolutely LOVE this puppy. I kept telling Dianne...'I want this puppy'. I just love his eyes! Love the image, still not 100% sure on the card I made, but I love the puppy!

I will be heading on down to my stamproom later on tonight...I have to complete my next card for The Greeting Farm CHA Relay. I just found out about it late yesterday and sure hope I can complete each days challenge! By the end of the week I will have 6 new TGF images to play with woohoo! Even if I don't finish them I still have 2 new images that is pretty cool.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

{ Sparkle }

I hope everyone is having a great week thus far. Sorry for not posting sooner. A few of my fellow CalGals(see my sidebar to see what they are up to) inspired me this week to re-organize my stamp room. So there has not been much in the way of creation this week. But it is now mostly done...still like to add a few more things, but it is all put back together at least and workable now!

I thought I would share with you today one of my newest creations. I wanted to play with another of my new stamps from Christmas. I LOVE this Edward stamp from TGF. And I think I am liking this card too. It is different, but still...all in all, I think I like it. What do you think?

I kept it very simple. I basically only colored him with my new Copic Spica Glitter Pens...I got 2 sets for Christmas! I used THIS sketch from Makeup 4 the Weekend. I thought this sketch looked fun so I thought I would give it a shot.

Well...I am off to go and drink my TAZO and cuddle with hubby on the couch for a bit.

Have a great day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

{ TCC #1 }

Welcome everyone to our first Challenge of 2010! Are you all ready? Okay first off a few changes this year. You will be required to complete 5 cards for each challenge as usual, however this year I am also adding another (optional) element. I will be adding a 3D item to the mix. So you will complete your 5 cards plus to get additional entries into the random draws you can also complete any number of 3D items of your choice...they just have to have a Christmas theme to them. I am doing this more for myself, as I found this year I wish I had some boxes/bags around to fill with chocolates to give a few people here and there throughout the holidays. Also, this year I have decided instead of doing a monthly random draw I will be doing a random draw every 3 months for a $25 gift card for an online store of your choice. So I will add up all your entries from the previous 3 months and draw from those. So, you will get one entry for each set of 5 cards made and for each 3D item made during the 3 month period. Make sense? I hope so.

Okay onto this month challenge. I have recently fell in love with the Easel Card. So this months Challenge will be to complete 5(different or the same, your choice) Easel Cards. All entries must be received by 12:00pm MST January 31st. You can either leave a comment with a link to your entry on this post or email me a photo of your 5 cards. Plus leave me a comment or email a photo of your 3D item or items. If anyone has any questions please do let me know.

Okay, so here are my samples for this months challenge. I could not get a good photo of the group, so you are stuck with individual photos.

I am pretty happy with the way these turned out. A few of them I like more than the others, but they all came out okay. I do have a 3D item, but don't have a pic of it yet. I will try and get it up in the next few I am working all weekend...but I wanted to get this post up on time! ;0)

If anyone has any questions just let me know. Now have fun and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this month.

{ Everything Old is New Again }

About a week ago, Sue posted a card with a long forgotten stamp set. I(Allison) commented that we should have a challenge where we created cards with a stamp/stamp set that we would first have to blow the dust off due to lack of use. Sue jumped on the suggestion and now, with the help of some other PSFs, we(Sue and Allison) are hosting the "Everything Old is New Again" challenge.

Want to Join Us? (Of course you do!)

All you have to do is create a card with a stamp set that hasn't seen the light of day for some time. Then, link it up at Allison's blog by Friday, January 22nd at midnight (MDT) and you will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Michael's (thanks to Sue!). If you are looking for some inspiration, have a quick turn through these creations offered up by some great gals:


I decided to pull out a VERY old SU set(In The Wild) I honestly think I only used this set maybe once or twice. I have been seriously debating on whether it is time to let it go to a new home where it might see some more ink...but I keep hanging onto it for some reason. What do you think? Should I continue to hang onto it? The sentiment was an old RAK that I received long ago as well, that has only seen ink maybe once.

I hope you decide to join us in this Challenge. It is one that I think ALL stampers can use! We ALL have stamps that have collected come on admit it! ;0)

Okay...I will be back soon with another post for the first Christmas Card Challenge for 2010!! Woohoo!

Monday, January 11, 2010

{ The Shack }

Just wanted to mention that I finished another book today...The Shack. You can check it out on my sidebar. I did not do a real review on this one as I want you all to read it for yourself. Even for those of my friends who may not be 'religious' or believe in 'God'...please don't let that keep you away from this book. Please! I realize that it might not be for everyone, but give it a try. And be sure to keep the tissues handy...and maybe read it when you are alone. I was bawling!!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

{ The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown }

If you loved the other books by Dan Brown, you will be sure to love this one! I absolutely LOVED this book!! It has all the elements that I love in a flowing story line, lots of action, good characters, and really makes you think. I have been kinda on a 'spiritual' kick lately. And I also love science, mythology, and archeology based stories. So I guess it has everything I love. I don't really want to talk too much about the case anyone has not read it yet. But trust will LOVE it! And I look forward to the movie now!! :0)

{ Fun with new stamps! }

I got to play today! Yipee! Here is my take on this weeks MojoMonday #120...

I kinda had issues with the size of my image and getting it to all fit. So mine is not EXACTLY like the sketch...hopefully it is close enough to qualify. I love, love, love this owl image from TGF. It was so much fun to color! This is from the set called Forrest Friends. Love it! I am okay with this one. I feel it is missing something...but I guess it will do.

I made a few more fun cards today too, but ya have to wait for those! And I will be working on my samples for our first Christmas Card Challenge too!

On a side note...I am adding a book list to my sidebar. When I finish a book I will add it too the list and I will post a little review...just my two cents on it. Just a little something incase someone is looking for a new book to read and also for me to keep track of what I am reading!

Thanks for stoppin' by...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

{ Hello 2010 }

Here we are...the start of a New Year. Are there some of you out there that are resolution makers? I have never been one of those people...can never really stick with it for long...or just plain forget about it after I make it. I will admit though, that this year there are a few things I would REALLY like to stick to.

1. Lose weight...I know, I know...but this year I will be turning the big 40 and's something I MUST do.

2. Get all my Christmas Card Challenges done on time....meaning done when I post the challenge and not get it done by the end of the month!

3. Scrapbook...anything...something. We took our Disneyland vacation in May of 08 and I still only have 4 pages done!! Gotta get on it!

4. Concentrate on the important stuff...myself and my family and not stress over the stuff I can't control!

5. Be more at one with myself...I know, I know...that one sounds a little zen like...but I guess that's kinda where I am going with it

Okay...well...that was almost a list of resolutions...maybe I am one of 'those' people? Anyway...wish me luck in all of this. And if you are setting any goals or resolutions for yourself...I wish you all the best!

Okay...onto the first creation for 2010. Technically this was created in 2009 as I made it New Years Eve...but it was made with a new Christmas I am going with 2010!

This is my first Side Step card. I saw Nancy's card and wanted to give it a try. I like's different. The only thing that kinda bugs me about it, is the fact that it spreads out so much. Anyone else made one? And does yours flatten out when you stand it up? It's just a little thing, but it kinda bugs me. ;0) I do like my new stamp though... Heidi Among the Flowers. She was fun to color.

I am hoping to get in some more stamping this week...although we are back to a normal schedule this week, so one never knows. ;0) Be sure to keep an eye out for the new 2010 Christmas Card Challenge. I have a few changes planned for this year. I sure hope everyone has fun with it again this year!

Thanks for stoppin' by