Tuesday, August 26, 2008

{ Yes...I am still alive! }

Sorry everyone! We did make it back from camping...it's just been busy around here. I was working and then hubby's lastday of holidays on Sunday we took the kids to Calaway Park for the last time this season. Then yesterday I decided to go through the kids clothes to see what we need to buy for school...which starts in 1 week!! Then I decided to clean their rooms! Why? I have no idea!! 6 hours later I was done both rooms and then 2 hours after that we were done cleaning up the playroom downstairs! What a job...but it is all clean now. I decided to take everything out of their rooms and put all the toys...accept for stuffed animals and dressup clothes...down in the basement. I was getting sick and tired of having 'stuff' in everyroom of the house. Hopefully this will help to keep the mess...at least most of it...in the basement, where I only have to see it when I go down to stamp! Nothing new to show off right now, so here is an old one that I have not posted yet...

This one was for the Color Throwdown #2 and I also used Mojo Monday Sketch #47. Simple, but I think it turned out okay. Now...if I can get the camera to work I will take a pic of a newer creation and get that posted for ya tomorrow.

I will leave you with the only good shot we got on the last camping trip. Of course the only 1 nice day we had we for got the camera and the fact that the darn thing is not working!! Don't you just love cameras...when they work!! Anyway here is a pic of El trying to stay warm under the towel, while her sister is busy making a big trench in the sand. I actually spent more time in the water this day even though it was rather chilly. But I guess with the air temp being lower the water didn't feel all that bad. Okay...it was still cold, but I guess it could have been worse. ;0)

Friday, August 15, 2008

{ Back from the farm...but gone again soon! }

Okay, first off...what did we do to deserve all this lousy weather! I tell ya! Of course we had fun on this last trip, but of course the weather was not nice until the night before we left. Once again there would be no lake for us. Em begged to enter into the SandCastle contest they ran on Wednesday... It was pretty breezy, but with my sweaters it was manageable in the sun. The contest was actually a lot of fun. We were not sure how into it people would be, but there were some pretty good creations out there. We entered into the 'Family' category...didn't win, but had lots of nice comments about it...and of course we had lots of fun.

Even thought the weather was not ideal...once again...it was still a lot of fun. For anyone in the area, I would highly recommend Ol' Macdonalds Resort for some good family camping fun. They also have cabins for those with out trailers. There is just so much for the kids to do... beach, lake, cart rentals, paddle boat rentals, petting zoo, hay rides, Merry-go-round, Mini golf, Pool, arcade and of course the parks!! They even had a Comedy night for the adults. We did not go, but it sounded like they had lots of fun. There is even a new coffee shop too...very yummy! We will most likely head back there again next year, but stay for a week, in the hopes of actually getting the chance to enjoy the lake!!
Here is one last pic. This was from the last night...it was so warm and calm...nothing at all like earlier during the contest.
We are off in one more day. Our last camping trip of the season. We will be heading off to Sylvan Lake for 3 nights...and it is suppose to be super hot!! Everyone...please cross your fingers...please, please, please...no more rain and wind!!!
Tracy :0)

Monday, August 11, 2008

{ On our way }

Just a quick note to let you know that I am taking off this morning camping again. We are heading out to Ol' MacDonald's Farm this time. This is our first time there, but it comes highly recommended by all. We will be back Thursday evening...so everyone have a great week. I will try and post something on Friday or Saturday, as we will be leaving on Sunday for the final camping trip of the summer.

Later all...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

{ Whew...finished and... I Won!! }

I finished up all 12 sketches for Julee's AVS Sketch Challenge on SCS tonight. You can check them all out here at my SCS gallery. And guess what???!!!

I WON!!!

Julee is having some random draws for each sketch and I won for sketch #3!! Woohoo!!! You have no idea how excited I am right now!! Well, I am sure you can guess. ;0)

Okay...I am off to pay some attention to my family now. ;0)

oh and incase anyone is wondering...
this is the set I decided on over at Verve.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

{ Check it out! }

Okay...so if you have not heard of Whiff of Joy yet...where have you been!!?? Katharina is having a hugh blog candy giveaway right now. Go check it out. These Guardian Angels are just so sweet. Go check it out!!

On a side note? I realized something lastnight. You know these great sketches that Julee has for the AVS Challenge on SCS? I will not be able to complete them for the giveaway. We are leaving on Monday for some more camping. Oh well...I still plan to do them all and with all a Christmas theme too! Guess, I will just have to buy the line like all the rest of ya. ;0) Well except for the lucky winner that is.

Oh...here is another couple BIA creations for ya. My girls asked me to make them little sticker books just like Mommy's wish book. Lovin' my BIA...it definitely gets easier with more practice. Not that it is hard...just trying to decide on coil size is the tricky part.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

{ AVS02 & AVS03 }

Okay...quick post...gotta get outside with the girls and read more of my book. It is soooooo good!!

Here is my entry for
AVS02. I am really liking this one and my ribbon seems to be behaving for me, so that always helps. And I even used some buttons!! I just love Julee's sketches...don't you?

This is my take on AVS03. You might need your sunglasses for this one! I know a little bright. But I had this image with the stack of colored ones and thought I should use it up. Even though it is a bright one...I like it. And as you have guessed by now? All 12 of these sketches I am gonna do Christmas cards. I need to get going on them and thought this was a good opportunity to do it. So while the rest of you are making beautiful flowery and butterfly cards...I am shivering in the cold! ;0)

Okay...back to the book...later...

Monday, August 04, 2008

{ Anni-verve-sary Sketch Challenge 1 }

Okay, so if you have not already heard...go on over to SCS and check out Julee's Anni-verve-sary Sketch Challenge. It is 12 days of Sketch Challenges. If you complete all 12 and upload onto the correct daily sketch, you will be in the running to win the entire new August release!! I just found out about it yesterday, so I have a few to catch up on as today is day 4. GO! NOW!!

So here is my take on
AVS01...I decided...since I have a ton of colored images, I really should start using them. And since I really need to get some Christmas cards started...well you get the picture. ;0) I have another 6 or seven of these Snowbunny Bellas colored in all different colors. I should do a group of these ones. Although some are not 'typical' Christmas colors, but they will still be pretty cards.
Okay, I am off to beat my children...just kidding...but I better find something to do before they either kill eachother or I do it for them!! I am really hoping today is a better day outside for some pool/sprinkler fun!! And I want to sit outside and read my new book! I picked up Breaking Dawn yesterday at Costco. I read the first 2 chapters quickly last night...oh my oh my!! ;0)


Sunday, August 03, 2008

{ one more for today...}

I almost forgot to post my creation for Jen's LCSC #2. It's not the greatest...once again, me fighting to make ribbon work!! Uggg. Oh well...one more Christmas card for the stash anyway. ;0)

{ It's the little things }

Happy Sunday All! Well, it is a gloomy Sunday here. Don't know about the rest of you, but...What happened to summer!!?? It really has not been a great summer weather wise here in Calgary. I am sure hoping that it is nice next week when we head off camping again.

Onto the creation for today.

This one I used Julee's Mojo Monday Sketch #44. I really like this sketch...definitely will use this one again! This one is a real girly card. I used an Elyzbell image sent to me by my friend Dottie. I added lots of irridecent ice, a TAC sentiment and used my new Swiss Dot cuttlebug folder. I was not too sure about the plain pink layer so added the glitter and like it a bit more. Over all I think it turned out pretty cute.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

p.s I forgot to mention that this is also my take on the Color Throwdown Challenge 1.