Monday, April 30, 2007

Contest Closed!

The Contain Yourself Spring Giveaway is now offically closed. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful creations!!

I will announce the winners tomorrow morning...must go over the entries with hubby and get his input too ;0)

Just thought I would give ya all a little tease...finally got some pics of the prizes!

First Place:
*Doodle Genie

*6 Chipboard Coaster(not in pic, sorry)

*3 different Costco ribbons

*mixture of Primas

*mixture of Hodge Podge Hardware

*mixture of colored bling

*mixture of brads

*12 6 X 6 DP from Michaels

Second Place:

*6 Chipboard Coaster
*1 Costco Ribbon
*1 box Felt Flowers
*1 set of Clear Stamps from Michaels
*Mixture of Primas

Third Place:
*6 Chipboard Coasters
*1 Costco Ribbon
*1 box Felt Tulips
*1 set of clear stamps from Michaels
*Mixture of Primas
Back tomorrow with the winners and I will post all the entries so you can see how hard my decision is going to be!!

Are you ready for a contest??

** I will keep this post at the sure to scoll down for new posts**

Yup...that's right. I have been wanting to give away some more candy for Spring. But I wanted to do something different. So here it is...this will be called Contain Yourself Spring Giveaway...well it is not entirely a Giveaway...I am makin' you work for it ;0)

I want to see your best 'altered container' creations! It can include any of the following:

*Chipboard Coaster box
*Lunch Tin
*Bandaid Tin
*Altered Food Containers
*Altered Pop Tops
*Altered boxes of anykind!!
if you come up with any other ideas that I have missed let me know and I will add it to the list!

This contest will run until the end of the month. One entry per person. All entries are to be received by 12:00pm (MST) April 30th. This gives you lots of time. So I would like you all to create something especially for this contest, but of course something that you can use. So if you have a bday coming up this month or in May this is the perfect excuse to get busy!!

I will be the sole judge, but it is my contest and my blog ;0) I don't have pics of the prizes yet, but I will be giving away for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prizes will include some of the following and I will be adding more!
*Chipboard Coasters
*Designer Paper
*Doodle Genie
*Cuttlebug Embossing Folders

Once you have done your masterpiece take a photo and send a copy to with Contain Yourself Spring GiveAway in the subject line. Once the contest is closed and the winners have been chosen, I will post the pics of all the winners and all entries so that you can admire everyones creations!

Now get out there and create a masterpiece...oh and have fun too! ;0)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hubbys Bday!

Just a quick post. My hubby turns 37 today!! The girls and I made some cards this morning. Here is the gift card holder I made...anyone else have trouble with masculine cards! This one is from all of us, so its a bit more geared towards the girls ;0)

This was my first attempt at doodling...not great, but not totally horrible...I think ;0)

Don't forget to get your entry in by noon tomorrow! They all look amazing!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

House Mouse Swap

I am sooo sorry for now keeping up with my posting of creations over this last week. It has just been kinda busy around here. We bought a new sectional for our living room this past week and then *I* decided to rearrange the entire house(living room, master bedroom and both girls rooms) on Sunday!! So everything that we cleaned out of those rooms went down to the basement. Needless to say I have not really been able to get near my stamp room!

I thought I should share something with you all though...I am feeling quite guilty ;0) I was planning on not posting this until the swap cards were sent out, but I have seen a few of the cards posted this week. So here is my House Mouse Swap card...

It is very simple, but I quite like it. I did some faux stitching, which I have not really played with all that much. I quite like it. I love these little could you not, really?

Thanks for stoppin' by...and thankyou to all of you who have sent in your entries. They look amazing!! I am gonna have a hard time deciding on a winner...might have to enlist the help of my hubby...although he is a boy and what do they know, right?? ;0)

p.s. sorry that you cannot click on the photo...believe me I have tried everything and can not get it to work. I even enlisted the help of my friend Nancy and her hubby and we could not figure it out!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cuttlebug plate update!

So off to Michael's I go lastnight. No luck...everyone is sold out. So I get home and decide to try it out anyway. My plate is just cracked not broken in half, so I thought I would try. Worked fine!! Wheew! Actually I think it should be fine now too, with it being cracked it now lays totally flat like it should. Now the other one is starting to warp though. Just thought I would let you all know that you can still use the plate...just keep it on the bottom.

Promise to be back with some creations in the next day or two. Been busy with swaps that I can't share yet and have my Stamp Club meeting tonight. I will also be doing a product review too...I am quite excited to share it with you!! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Looks like I am off to Michael's today!!

So sad :0(

Right in the middle of making a Hostess gift too!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I've been tagged again...twice!!

Okay so I have been tagged again, by Nancy and Laura. This one is a little different. It is more of a 'get to know you' kind of tag game. I am suppose to list 7 things about me and then tag 7 others who will do the same. I have been raking my brain all day...not much to tell, but here it goes...

*After the birth of my second daughter in 2003 I joined Weight Watchers Online...decided enough was enough and time to get healthy for me and mostly for my girls!...After 1 year and 1 month to the day I lost a total of 85 pounds! I have done pretty good since then. Although over the course of the past year and half...due to the stress of losing my Grandfather and just life in general...I have put back on 20 -25 pounds. So I really need to get back in control on the whole situation!

*With my second daughter they sent me in for a stress test and ultrasound to check the baby's position. They had a hard time due to the fact that I was so big...I was about 250 pounds at the end of my pregnancy!! They determined that she was breach. So 'we' decided to try an inversion...basically they try and turn the baby from the outside...probably the most painful thing I have been through...even more so than actually labour. But no luck...still ended up with a c-section...but I would still try and turn her again...much rather have natural than the csection...just me though ;0)

*I love Peanut Butter, but my oldest is allergic to peanuts. We have not had any Peanut butter in the house for about 6 months now...I really miss it.

*Anyone who knows me already knows this, but...I am a HUGH Disney fan. I have only been to Disneyland and Disneyworld once. But I always tell people that when I was in Disneyworld I just felt like I was 'home'. I know it sounds coocoo, but oh so true. I get goose bumps and teary just thinkin' about it! Just the sights, the smells, the sounds...I really need to win the lotto!! ;0)

*Hubby and I have been together for almost 17 years(June 28th ) but only married for almost 6(May 3rd).

*We were married in Maui. Just the two of was perfect!

*I 'LOVE' Tazo Chai from Starbucks!! I was soooooo happy when Costco finally got the mix!! Woohoo. The carton at Starbucks is like $6.50 each, but costco is $9.50 for 3!! I actually need to buy some more...only have 5 cartons left! ;0)

Well there you have it...not too exciting.

Okay now who to tag?? So many have been tagged...I checked and thus far I do not see these ladies as being tagged. So...your it!!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

One Week to go!

Just wanted to remind everyone that there is one week left to get your entries in for the 'Contain Yourself Spring Giveaway'. I am sorry for not getting pics up this week of the prizes. I had planned to this weekend, but gone and got myself a head cold! But, now I think I will keep the prizes a surprise!! ;0)

Hope everyone is have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My hubby's creation!

Just thought I would share something hubby created yesterday. He has been painting for many years now...landscape oils...but just started dabblin' into acrylic flowers. I bought him a set of Donna Dewberry's paints and books. He has played a few times but nothing major yet. Well this week we bought both girls new bedding and he decided to paint El's headboard. Lookie what he did...

Not too shabby eh?? Next I am gonna have him paint our dressers...these are the first ones we bought from a neighbor for $50 15 years ago!!...I am gonna get some Plumeria, Hibiscus and Birds of Paradise!! Can't wait...don't worry, I will be posting pics for sure!!

Thanks for stoppin' by :0)

I have been tagged!

It has been fun this week looking through my blog list. So many people have been tagged with this new blogger tag. I have had fun browsing some new blogs...and of course adding many to my daily list! But I was so surprised to see that I was tagged twice today!! First by my friend Nancy and then by one of my favorite daily blog hangouts...Laura. Thanks so much ladies!! You made my day. :0)

So now it is my turn! Since soooo many of my favs have already been tagged I will direct you to some of my new no particular order ;0)

1. A Walk Through Durham Township - this is not stamping related, but Kathleens photos are amazing. I absolutely love her work...make sure to take a stroll through some of the older images...amazing!!

2. Mutch To Stamp - Julie is one of my daily stops. I was a recent winner of one of her candy giveaways too!

3. Crafty Me - I have just recently found Kimberly's blog but love it. I don't know where she finds the time with all those kids!!

4. Live, Love, Laugh and Stamp - again another recent find and a fellow Calgarian!! I love Shannon's creations...especially those Bellas!

5. Sassy & Sweet Notes - Anna's blog is one of my all-time favs!! I love her creations and her photography is amazing!! She reminds me soooo much of one of my best friends too...I really think they are twins that were seperated at birth ;0)

Well there is just a few of my daily stops. Tag your it!! ;0)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quick Thank You card

Just want to do a quick post tonight. I have been working on lots of things, but can't show you right now. They are for some different swaps I am in. The first being my House Mouse swap. It is done and gone postal. The second one is almost done now too. I joined Laura's ATC(Artist Trading Cards) swap from her blog. I have been meaning to give an ATC a try and this was the perfect opportunity. I have them mostly done now and I am quite happy with them actually. I could see myself doing more...they are kinda fun! I am really excited about my next project too. I was invited to join an 'invite only' Bella swap! I am sooo excited about this one! I actually don't own any Bellas of my own, so I *had* to do an order the other day ;0) So I ordered 'Jammybella' and 'Flowahbella'. I can't wait to get these and start playing. In the mean time I will be playing some more with the Bella RAK's I received from my friend Nancy last week ;0)

Anyway, just thought I would post a pic of a card I made last week...sorry the pic is not all that great. This is a thank you for some blog candy I won. The paper is actually one of my favorite of the many beautiful papers I received. Not sure if she has received it yet and not too sure if she reads my blog, but thanks again Natasha!

Thanks for stoppin' by :0)

Stamps: Fancy Flexible Phrases, Michaels $1.50 Acrylic

Paper: Basic Black, Certainly Celery, DP from Natashas Blog Candy

Ink: Basic Black

Accessories: Michaels ribbon, Word Window Punch, Small corner rounder punch, clear gems

Monday, April 16, 2007

Want some pretty Primas???

Go check out Janets blog. She is organizing another great Prima Share. They are just too cute. Wish I could join in this one too, but I just have too much going on right now and not enough cash :0( I still have lots left from the last share though :0)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another color combo

I decided to try the House Mouse 'Hugs' card again with a new color combo. What do you think of this one?

Here is one more in a different color combo...

I have actually gone with something different for my swap, but it was fun working with this one in different combos. Can't wait to show you my swap cards ;0)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. Thanks to all those who have sent in their entries...they look awesome! I will be posting some pics this week of the prizes you can win...stay tuned!

Thanks for stoppin' by :0)

Stamps: House Mouse, Weathered background, Polka Dots & Petals, Fancy Flexible Phrases

Paper: Whisper White, Cool Caribbean, Regal Rose, Basic Black, Very Vanilla

Ink: Basic Black, Real Rose, Going Grey, Regal Rose, Creamy Caramel, Blush Blossom, Apricot Appeal

Accessories: Sakura Clear Glitter Gel Pen, Costco Ribbon, Black Button Brad, Prima, White Button Brad, Ribbon from Jody's ribbon share, Prima

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some more House Mouse love!

I was playin' with my House Mouse stamps again the other night. Still trying to come up with something for my swap ;0)

I was not overly thrilled with this one, but hubby REALLY liked it. Although he said that it was the perfect Christmas card...cause of the color scheme. I am not a real lover of Creamy Caramel Cardstock, so maybe I will try this one again with a different color scheme. What do you think?

Thanks for stoppin' by :0)

Stamps: House Mouse, Fancy Flexible Phrases

Ink: Real Red, Basic Black, Creamy Caramel, Going Grey

Paper: Real Red, Old Olive, Creamy Caramel

Accessories: Blender Pen, Sakura Clear Glitter Gel Pen, Primas, White Button Brads, Costco Ribbon,

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lovin' the Bellas!

I finally got the chance to play with my Bella Raks that I received from Nancy this week. The first one I gave to Nancy as a thank you, but of course forgot to take a pic of it. Here is Bella #2...

I am really liking this one! I will definitely be putting in a Bella order next's all your fault Nancy!! just kidding ;0)

Thanks for stoppin' by :0)

Stamps: Curly Surprise Bella, Michaels $1.50 Acrylic Stamps

Paper: Chocolate Chip, Really Rust, Old Olive, Au Chocolate DP, Whisper White

Ink: Chocolate Chip, Really Rust, Old Olive, Close to Cocoa

Accessories: Sakura Clear Glitter Gel Pen, Brown brads from Dollarama, Primas

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I've been RAKed!

I was so excited this week to receive my first Blogger RAK's(Random Acts of Kindness). This first one is from Allison. Allison is a one stop shop for all your Blog Candy, Contests and Awesome Tutorials. And of course when she graces us with her awesome creations too!! I love the layout and the DP you used on this one! Thank you so much, Allison!

The second one is from my friend Nancy. Be sure to check out Nancy's awesome blog. She always has something to inspire me! Not only did I recieve this beautiful card, but she included some stamped Bella's for me too! I had mentioned that I would like to try a few first...not too sure if I was really into the whole Bella craze or not. So she sent me 6 of 2 different designs. Of course, I forgot to take pics of them before I colored them! But, I have to say...I love them!!! I will be making a Bella order mighty soon. Thanks Nancy! and watch your mailbox for my first Bella creation ;0)

Thanks again made my week!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

House Mouse Happiness!

House Mouse. Don't you just love em?? A swap came up today and I had to join. It has been sooooo long since I played with my House Mouse stamps. So tonight I played to see what I could come up with. The photo does not really give it the true love it deserves ;0) I am actually quite happy with it. I love this stamp so much and it is just a nice soft look.

It is late so I am off to bed now...thanks for stoppin' by :0)