Wednesday, February 27, 2008

{ Hap-bee Day! }

A quick post today...almost time for work. Here was my entry for last weeks Mojo Monday...I forgot to post it though! Oh well...I still had fun with this one. This is one of the Bee images that I received from Miss DottieK. The background was done with my cuttlebug and then used some chalks to color in the images. The yellow strip was a bit too bold so I sponged on some black chalk. I really like this one. And I really love this sketch. I can definitely see myself using this one again.
I am gonna have to get busy stampin'...this is my last card to show you!! Yikes!

Have a great Wednesday! :0)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

{ 9 Weeks Today!}

Yup...that's right baby! I will be in Disneyland 9 weeks today! Can you tell I am getting excited??? huh...huh...huh??? Hubby and I actually stayed up late and watched 'Jon and Kate plus 8' lastnight cause they were in Disneyworld. heeheeheehee. ;0)

I have one more Riley to share with you. This is my last Riley stamp and he is just so cute!

This one just kinda evolved. I cut out the main image and thought...okay now what? So then I searched for some paper and saw this one and liked it, then matched the colors with my Prisma pencils. Although, the green banner came out a bit too bright. I tried to darken it a bit...and it is in real life, just not so much in this photo. I am actually quite happy with this one. What do you think of the prima...does it look out of place up in the sky with Riley? I like it, but not 100% sold. But it needs something in that corner to balance it out. Lovin' those dew drops too! I discovered today that not only can you get some 'knock offs' at Michaels, but also Dollarama!! They had a package of Pink and Blue today and the package has 1000 for a $1!! So if you don't have any is a great way to try them out! Then of course there are those of us that bought a swack from Michaels and then yesterday Jody had to have a DewDrop Share on her blog!! And yes...I caved! ;0)

It is nice and bright and sunny here today. Lovin' it, but still feeling kinda run down today. Oh well...I am off to take a walk on the treadmill...maybe clear my head. Thanks for stoppin' by. :0)

Monday, February 25, 2008

{ Is it spring yet? }

I was worried last week cause my mojo seemed to have taken a vacation. I think it is slowly coming alive again. I have a feeling moving into some spring colors and images is helping. And of course having some great new Riley...helps! Okay, I am just lovin' this one! I guess we will say that this one is actually Riley's best gal, Sophie...although, I know it was not meant to be. But with bright pink boots on it just has to be Sophie. I am also loving these knock off dew drops from Michael's! So pretty, don't ya think?

It's gonna be a busy week here. I am working Monday, Wednesdy, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week! Don't feel too sorry for me. It's not like I work a full 8 1/2 hr day or anything. Usually only 5-7hrs.
The girls each have a Bday party to go to this weekend, so I need to make a few cards, but Daddy gets to take them to the parties. ;0)
Have a great Monday and thanks for stoppin' by. I will have another Riley for ya tomorrow! :0)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

{ Cheers! }

Riley has finally arrived!! I knew as soon as I saw him that I would love him...and I do! How could you not, really? So here it first Riley creation. I saw this chair and thought of this retired SU DP would go perfectly. It maybe a bit too much with the polka dots, but I still like it. I used Anna's sketch here. This sketch challenge was from Feb 1st...I am a little behind. ;0) But I like this's so me! Thanks, Anna! I added some stickles and a Prima...just for Shannon!

Hope you are all having a great weekend and I will be back tomorrow with another Riley creation! Thanks for stoppin' by today. :0)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

{ Bad Mommy! }

That is me. Lastnight was my monthly stamp class for a group of my family and friends. I was letting one of the ladies in the front door...Elizabeth(my youngest) was behind me trying on her new roller skates. I went to close the door and could not figure out why the door was not closing...kept trying. Then looked down to see my daughters thumb in the door!! Talk about feeling bad. We had some blood, lots of swelling and a very purple thumb. And LOTS of crying. I tell ya that was the worst feeling in the world...probably worse for her though! She is better today. Still a bit purple and warm to touch, but better.

Thought I would share the projects we did lastnight. And one I can even enter into Allisons weekly challenge this week too!

This first one is using the Bouncing Brayer technique. This was my first time using this technique and I must say I quite like it! I think I might have to get me a few more spectrum pads now! This is very simple but it is the technique that shines on this one! Hope this one is okay, Allison!

We also did a Crisscross card. I ran out of River Rock CS so had to come up with two designs. And here they are...

I really do love these crisscross cards. A great use for your double sided DP's!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will be back soon...Riley's are in the house!! I have a couple of creations to share...but you are gonna have to wait. ;0)

Friday, February 22, 2008

{ Shannon's Color Challenge }

I really need help on my post titles! is my entry for Shannon's color challenge. And look Shannon...I even added a Prima...just for you! ;0) But of course my ribbon is wonky. I am too lazy to take another pic you are stuck with this one. I also thought I would give SCS Sketch Challenge 163 a try. I quite like this sketch, but then again I love square cards.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I have stamp class tonight, so I will share the projects this weekend...don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone. ;0)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

{ MIA...but I have some good reasons! }

I know, I know...I apologize. I can not believe it has been a whole week since my last post! It has been a very busy week here in our household. We have had El's bday, Valentines Day, work, El's bday party, work, Family Day(holiday Monday) and then we also booked and paid for our Disneyland trip and got our passports! Yup, that's right...we are going to Disneyland, baby!!'s a secret...we are planning on not telling the girls until we are on our way to the airport! That's the plan...we will see if Daddy and I can stick with the plan. We have almost let it slip soooo many times. Must bite my tongue!

We are staying at the Fairfield Inn in Anaheim. So if anyone has any review of their own, I would love to hear them. We were last in Disneyland in 1996...OMG! the motel we stayed in is actually no longer there! A lot has changed since then. ;0) I will apologized are gonna be sick of hearing about Disneyland by the time we actually go. 10 weeks today we leave!!!

Okay back to stampin' stuffs...

I want to share this awesome RAK I received from Alexandra last week. I had commented on Alexandra's blog about how I wish we had a Target Dollar Spot up here in Canada. Then a few weeks later, lookie what I recieved in the mail!

Not only did I receive this awesome card, but two of those adorable mailboxes! Thank you again, Alexandra! I can not wait to alter these babies. Although, it will probably take sometime to decide on the perfect DP. ;0)

Also, this week I was tagged with a few awards. First up was being nominated by Allison for the 'Bitch' award. At first, I was not too sure what to think about this one, but you need to check out Allison's blog for the details. Thanks, Allison...I feel kinda proud after reading your explaination. :0) I am so far behind on bloggin' this week that I know that most of you out there have already been tagged. So to all my bloggin' friends...and you know who you are...consider yourself a 'bitch'. ;0)

Next I was tagged by my friend Kim for the E for Excellent award. Thank you so much, really means a lot! Especially since I feel as though I have been neglecting my blog lately. ;0) Again, I see that many of my bloggin' friends out there have been award with this honor if you stop by and have not been tagged...consider yourself tagged...I know that was lame...sue me! ;0)

I really do have something to share is a card I did up last week. Not 100% sold on this one...seems to be missing that something. I am thinkin' it is just missing some bling...what do you think?

Well, I think I will call it a night. It has been a pretty crazy day. I actually ended up posting this on another blog by accident today...duh!! Then the girls and I were at the dentist today. This was a first for my girls...I know we are a bit behind on that one. All went pretty well. Elizabeth was good and no Emily has got a mouth full of teeth and no room at the Inn, plus 3 cavities...boohoo :0( So we will be back 3 more times for the fillings/caps and then looks like she will be looking at some molars being pulled and braces in the future. Then I am back a few more times over the next month too. This dentist is gonna love us over the next few months!! Oh well...gotta be done.

I promise this week to be a better blogger...honest. ;0)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

{ Verve Visual Entry }

Everyone has probably already seen this sketch...but I saw it and knew I had to try it. Even though, I know I have no chance in heck of winning this, I decided to give it a shot. I only own 1 Verve Visual set, so this is it. I am actually quite happy with this card. I really love the sketch though. I can definitely see me using this again. The pic is not the best, but I hope you like it too.
A big thank you to everyone who left Happy Bday wishes for my EL. She had a pretty good day...spoiled rotten! ;0)

Monday, February 11, 2008

{ 5 Years Ago Today... } baby girl was born. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Here's the bday card I made for her on Friday during our Calgal's monthly gathering. This is one of the images Miss Dottie RAK'd me.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

{ Have you checked it out? }

I completely forgot!! Have you checked out the new February/March edition of the Scor-pal Online Magazine? Well go! There is even a tutorial my Moi(Good Luck Giftcard)! ;0)

{ You're invited }

Here is a quick Bday invite I put together for youngest daughter. Let's just say that my cuttlebug has gotten a good workout this past week. Between 11 of these invites, 31 Valentines cards for my youngest and 18 Valentines for my oldest. I am waiting for my B plates to snap at any moment!!
These are just a postcard type with all the party info on the back. I used a couple of retired SU sets for these...Birthday Balloons and Dot Invitation. Pink is her favorite color, so she quite liked them. :0)

{ So very spoiled }

Okay first off...I am soooo very sorry for not posting for a whole week!! I have no idea where this past week went.
Over the past few weeks I have been very spoiled with RAK' we go...
This first one was a beautiful Christmas RAK from the lovely miss Jen. Okay, we all know how crappy our postal system is but, come on! Jen sent this right after Christmas at the begining of January and I just received it this past week! Wow! But it was worth the wait. Thanks, Jen!
This next one was my January JT Aloha RAK from Melissa. Love this HM card. So cute. And the little creation beside the card? It is a kleenex holder! Very cute! She also included a whole swack of Barbie stamped images, but my girls saw them and well...they were all colored before I could get a pic of them. ;0)

This next one is a beautiful creation done by the wonderful Corie. Love the color combo on this crisscross card. Thanks again, Corie!

And finally... lookie what I recieved this week from the amazing miss DottieK?? I could not believe my eyes! Not only did I recieve an original DottieK creations ;0) but she included this whole stack of stamped images!! Thank you again, Dottie. You are the best! :0)

I would definitely say I was spoiled! Thanks again ladies! :0)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

{ With Sympathy }

I have decided to try and make up a few Sympathy cards. It is something that we never like to make, but when I need one...well I never have one and quite often have no idea what to make. So honestly, some never get made. Does anyone else have this problem? I always want to make one for that specific person, but I just never know what to say or what to make. So maybe this way, I will just grab one if there are a few to choose from. Here is my first one I made last week. Nothing special, but think it is nice. Is it maybe a bit too 'happy' though for a Sympathy card?

My youngest loves this card! She was ooohhhing and aaahhhing over it this morning...too cute.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. It is much warmer out today...although we are being lazy and probably won't get out to enjoy it!! Oh well ;0)

Friday, February 01, 2008

{ And the winner is...}

First off...thank you to everyone who played along this month. I love to see all your wonderful creations! I did this the old school way and pulled a name from a bowl...well actually hubby did. And the winner is..

Melissa Fincham!! Woohoo Melissa! Check out Melissa's entry here and here. I have your address already Melissa, so I will get it off to you this weekend or early next week.

Now onto all the other awesome creations!

I also had an entry from Jennifer Hodge...but I can not get onto your blog. Jennifer if you could please send me a pic of your entry I will add it in for everyone to admire!!

Lastly here are the non-bloggin' entries. These first entries are from the lovely miss DottieK...7 of them!! And I know that I have said this before, really need to start a blog!!! ;0)

And finally these last 2 creations were sent in by JoAnn Burnham.

Thanks again to everyone who played along and I will be back soon with February's Challenge!