Sunday, August 08, 2010

{ Still around...}

Just thought I would check in. It has been awhile, but quite honestly I have not crafted in well over 2 months now. To be honest? I don't really miss it that much. I think maybe I needed a break. Not sure why. Perhaps feeling a bit stale in my crafting and maybe a LONG break is what I need to get the mojo flowing properly again. Who knows. I have been doing lots of reading and have REALLY been enjoying it. My family has been teasing me about my reading actually. I pretty much have a book in my hand at all times!! I have also picked up some crocheting again. I should have something new on my other blog soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. The weather here has been okay...not great but okay. I am hoping the rest of the summer holds out for us. We are heading off to do a few short camping trips over the next few weeks. So everyone cross their fingers we get some decent weather. Hopefully the dog will enjoy himself too...this is his first camping trip. And lucky Mommy gets to sit with him on my lap for the whole car ride...yippy...should be fun!!

If you are reading this...thanks for sticking with me...I promise I will be back with crafty stuff soon...not sure how soon, but soon. In the meantime you are stuck with whatever else is filling up my life. :0)
I also have a quick question. Anyone out there sell stuff on Etsy? How do you like it? I am thinking of selling some of my crochet in particular which I don't see any of on thinking it might sell as there are no other items similar. Anyway, just looking for some feedback on how you enjoy selling on Etsy. Thanks!