Saturday, February 23, 2008

{ Bad Mommy! }

That is me. Lastnight was my monthly stamp class for a group of my family and friends. I was letting one of the ladies in the front door...Elizabeth(my youngest) was behind me trying on her new roller skates. I went to close the door and could not figure out why the door was not closing...kept trying. Then looked down to see my daughters thumb in the door!! Talk about feeling bad. We had some blood, lots of swelling and a very purple thumb. And LOTS of crying. I tell ya that was the worst feeling in the world...probably worse for her though! She is better today. Still a bit purple and warm to touch, but better.

Thought I would share the projects we did lastnight. And one I can even enter into Allisons weekly challenge this week too!

This first one is using the Bouncing Brayer technique. This was my first time using this technique and I must say I quite like it! I think I might have to get me a few more spectrum pads now! This is very simple but it is the technique that shines on this one! Hope this one is okay, Allison!

We also did a Crisscross card. I ran out of River Rock CS so had to come up with two designs. And here they are...

I really do love these crisscross cards. A great use for your double sided DP's!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will be back soon...Riley's are in the house!! I have a couple of creations to share...but you are gonna have to wait. ;0)


Allison said...

Sorry about your DD's thumb...that sounds awful (esp. with all that mommy guilt!). Thanks for playing in the challenge...I have never tried this almost looks tie-died!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! I would have felt horrible. I hope she if feeling better! These cards are great! I need to try that bouncing brayer technique.

Maria said...

Wow, Tracy! Your first card is STUNNING!! I love that "bouncing brayer" technique. I gotta try it one day!

Your Criss-cross cards are fabulous too!

I'm sorry that your daughter hurt her thumb. It must have been quite painful. I know how bad you must have felt but I think all is well now, huh?


Shannon said...

Great cards. I like the bouncing brayer card and love your apple cider paper.

Hope your Mommy's guilt has eased up.

Alexandra said...

Oh, her poor thumb!! Bad mommy - LOL! I hate when this kind of stuff happens, but we all go through it!

Your cards are fabulous, I love those criss-cross cards too, and may end up doing these for my upcoming workshop. I love these! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Corie said...

OH I hope her thumb is feeling better soon.

Love the cards -- GREAT criss cross ones!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards Tracy - how do you do the bouncing brayer one? It looks amazing!

Beth Norman said...

Wowza, that bouncing brayer is awesome. Job well done!

Julie Mutch said...

Pack your bags, you're going on a guilt trip! lol :) Just kidding! I did something even worse...I had just put my youngest daughter in her stroller and I went to close the trunk, but I forgot to set the brake on her stroller and it rolled toward our car and she reached up just as the truck slammed shut with her finger stuck in it! I felt so terrible...I rushed her right to the ER and they did an x-ray, but nothing was broken. The swelling and bruising went down after about a week. I'm telling ya, it was a good reminder to be more careful every time I looked at her nasty looking bruised and cut up fingers!

There, now don't ya feel better! lol :)