Monday, July 28, 2008

{ Gotta Love...}

... new music finds! I was blurfin' this morning and came across some new music via Maria's blog. Maria has introduced me to some great music since I started visiting her blog. So while I was at Utube checkin these out...I found Tyrone Wells! I found his myspace site. I am in the process of downloading his new album right now. Check it might like it too! Thanks Maria for some great music to start my week! :0)

Okay, I will even share a new creation with you too. I manage to do some new creations lastnight and it was a good night. I am feeling my mojo coming back...was feeling a bit out of sorts lately. Just need to create more, I think! But here is an old one for you. This was a bday card for a friends 7yr old earlier this month. This was an image that I recieved from Miss Dottie awhile back and the sketch...I believe was a MojoMonday sketch from when I was away...catching up on my sketch challenges, even though I am late. Nothing exciting, but it turned out cute enough.
Have a great Monday all!


Shannon said...

Great little bee card. I haven't been stamping much either but got about 6 cards done yesterday which was a true feat!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love pink and black, such a great color combo!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Oh wow!!!! Awesome card!!!


Julie Mutch said...

This is super cute! Love the pink and black and the colours that you used for the bees. Great job! I bet she loved her birthday card! :)

Maria said...

Oh, you're welcome, Tracy!! I'm glad you like the music finds that I post on my blog. I love searching for new music. . .it's sorta fun!! I'll check out Tyrone Wells after I post this comment!!

Love your pretty bee card! The colors are fabulous and the image is so adorable!!! Love the layout too!!