Sunday, September 02, 2007

{ Best Blog Friend Award }

My friend Kim has given me a 'Best Blog Friend Award'. You are too sweet Kim! I have met some great people through stampin' and bloggin' and I definitely would consider Kim one of my best bloggin' friends! You are the best, Kim! :0)

So here is where I get to hand out my awards. I know she nominated me, but my first one would have to go to Kim. She has been there to encourage me with my stampin' and I sooooo wish we were closer and could see eachother on a regular basis!! Calgary and Lynwood and just too far apart!! You have to check out her new blog...she just got her wings(TAC wings that is!)

Next would be Nancy. Nancy is the one that 'really' got me into stampin' and the reason I am broke today...just kidding ;0) Nancy you are a constant inspiration and I am so happy to call you my friend. :0)

Next would be Maria. I think I found Maria through another blog and am amazed by everything she does! Maria you are a constant inspiration...through stamping and life in general ;0)

Next would be Julie. Julie and I met through an online group that we are members of(CST - Canadian Stamp Talk). We have been in numerous swaps together and I love to see what new creations she has on her blog. Julie has always been a great supporter and leaves me such great comments and emails too!! Thanks Julie! :0)

Finally...I would have to say Charlene. I too met Charlene through CST. Charlene has been the hostess to MANY swaps that I have been involved in! I love to stop by her blog and she always leaves me such great comments! Thanks Charlene...miss you while you are away!!


Maria said...

Awww, that's me Tracy. Wow, I'm honored. You've been actually one my best supporters in my life journey and I want to sincerely thank you. When I read your comments, I feel better especially when I'm feeling a little discouraged. Your comments always picks me up when I've fallen down.

Again, thank you Tracy!


Nancy Grant said...

Blessed with wonderful friends indeed!