Saturday, April 19, 2008

{ Give me a break!!! }

Just thought I would share...for all those who keep bragging about your beautiful spring weather!

See all those cold snowy bikes on the right?? Yup...Daddy bought new bikes this's all HIS fault!!

Hope your day is nicer than this! :0)


Dottie K. said...

Oh my!!! I wouldn't want that weather. When will you get some warm weather? I wish I could send you some of the sunshine your way. Hang in there! :)

NormaJ said...

We've been watching the skies too.
It came awfully close to us, but we managed to miss the snow. But
20 miles from here it just dumped.
Totally crazy weather.
Thanks for your comments on my
over the rainbow. Appreciate them
very much. - Norma

Alexandra said...

Oh girl, I can't believe how much snow you have....I am sooooo sorry about the weather...just think, you will be in Disney in a week and get to enjoy nice sunshine...which one are you going to, FL or CA? Both have gorgeous weather right now!!


Maria said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm sorry to say but our weather is DEFINITELY much nicer than your. Sheesh, it don't look like Spring on your end! Hope your weather improves! Wishing sun shiny days your way!!


Jovita said...

WOW... It's been beautiful here in Colorado... not that I'm rubbing it in. I'm sure we'll have snow again before Summer! Hopefully your kiddos will get to ride their new bikes really soon, I'm sure it's torture for them ;)

BTW, your blog looks AWESOME!