Tuesday, May 27, 2008

{ Ahh...Calgon...take me away }

I could really use a nice hot soak tonight. Acky, tired, headache, crampy...don't mind me...just PMSing today!

I just love this Happy Hopper image. Too cute, eh? The inside of this card says..."Life is too short...to stress!" Too bad we all couldn't live by that rule, eh?

I was off volunteering today at the school. Last day of in-line skating for my youngest. Had to check it out. She was stressing all morning...more like crying and whining...that she did not want to go or go to school. We could not figure out what was up. We thought maybe she had been lying this wholetime and had not actually been participating. So I went...and she was fine. Her teacher thinks it was just the in-line teacher that was the trouble. He is a young guy and does not put up with too much from these kids. He would tell them something once and if they did not do it he started yelling at them. She had missed the first few classes due to our holiday, so when she came back, her teacher had told her to get her equiptment and come over beside her and she would help her put it all on. Well at that point all the kids had been doing it themselves and this young guy that is teaching the skating yelled at her to go back and do it herself. She is quite timid and I think he just got to her. After watching him today I was ready to yell at the guy myself. Oh well...she did just fine and I think she was having fun too. I will have a little talk with her tonight and I am sure she will be just fine.

Well the sun is starting slowly to make it back to Calgary! It is a bit breezy today, but at the sun has been out for most of the day. Tomorrow is suppose to get a little nicer...here's hoping!!


Anonymous said...

Why in the world would they let a crabby butt like that teach a bunch of innocent kids anyway. I hope she is feeling better about her unfortunate encounter with that guy. I could use some calgon myself! Love they card!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! That should say Love THE card...LOL :o)

Allison said...

Love this image...and I totally hear ya (of course I need a mental Calgon moment from all the whining!).

Julie Mutch said...

Luv the card, Trace! I agree, we all need to take those times to de-stress! lol :)

Susan Mac Donald said...

I don't think you need to chat allot with your *upset daughter*,
but the young pup doing the yelling. If it weren't for your daughter & lots of other ones, he wouldn't have a job. Remind him of where/where not he'd like his next pay to come from. I hope she feels better...she doesn't need to loose her confidence as it's too precious. Needle him a bit..he must have a supervisor! My 2 cents worth.I love your blog & the sun's been out in the east most of the day, but breezy.