Friday, August 15, 2008

{ Back from the farm...but gone again soon! }

Okay, first off...what did we do to deserve all this lousy weather! I tell ya! Of course we had fun on this last trip, but of course the weather was not nice until the night before we left. Once again there would be no lake for us. Em begged to enter into the SandCastle contest they ran on Wednesday... It was pretty breezy, but with my sweaters it was manageable in the sun. The contest was actually a lot of fun. We were not sure how into it people would be, but there were some pretty good creations out there. We entered into the 'Family' category...didn't win, but had lots of nice comments about it...and of course we had lots of fun.

Even thought the weather was not ideal...once was still a lot of fun. For anyone in the area, I would highly recommend Ol' Macdonalds Resort for some good family camping fun. They also have cabins for those with out trailers. There is just so much for the kids to do... beach, lake, cart rentals, paddle boat rentals, petting zoo, hay rides, Merry-go-round, Mini golf, Pool, arcade and of course the parks!! They even had a Comedy night for the adults. We did not go, but it sounded like they had lots of fun. There is even a new coffee shop too...very yummy! We will most likely head back there again next year, but stay for a week, in the hopes of actually getting the chance to enjoy the lake!!
Here is one last pic. This was from the last was so warm and calm...nothing at all like earlier during the contest.
We are off in one more day. Our last camping trip of the season. We will be heading off to Sylvan Lake for 3 nights...and it is suppose to be super hot!! Everyone...please cross your fingers...please, please, more rain and wind!!!
Tracy :0)


crazymom said...

Looks like a great place to go! Would love to visit sometime!

Maria said...

Hey Tracy! The weather don't look too bad on this end! But pictures can be deceiving!! Your castle looks awesome! If I was the judge, you would have won!

Looks like you and your family are having an awesome summer. . .lots of outdoor adventures! All I did was clean my garage and craft room!! LOL!


Jen Young said...

Tracy, what a lovely pic of the family, and the sand castle!!! Your family should've won!!! =0) Maria and I will do a recount, and we'll do the judging this time around. LOL!!! Sounds like everyone had a great time though - I have to get off this island one day and take the kids to a getaway. The sunset is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing it!!!


chelemom said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for ya! Gorgeous pics!

NormaJ said...

Looks like you had fun anyway. Love the sandcastle. We are away
this coming week, but weather does not look promising at all. Oh, well, lots of indoor visiting or
sitting on the covered deck. At least it is a change of scenery.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Looks like lots of fun. Hope your next trip is full of great weather.