Tuesday, August 26, 2008

{ Yes...I am still alive! }

Sorry everyone! We did make it back from camping...it's just been busy around here. I was working and then hubby's lastday of holidays on Sunday we took the kids to Calaway Park for the last time this season. Then yesterday I decided to go through the kids clothes to see what we need to buy for school...which starts in 1 week!! Then I decided to clean their rooms! Why? I have no idea!! 6 hours later I was done both rooms and then 2 hours after that we were done cleaning up the playroom downstairs! What a job...but it is all clean now. I decided to take everything out of their rooms and put all the toys...accept for stuffed animals and dressup clothes...down in the basement. I was getting sick and tired of having 'stuff' in everyroom of the house. Hopefully this will help to keep the mess...at least most of it...in the basement, where I only have to see it when I go down to stamp! Nothing new to show off right now, so here is an old one that I have not posted yet...

This one was for the Color Throwdown #2 and I also used Mojo Monday Sketch #47. Simple, but I think it turned out okay. Now...if I can get the camera to work I will take a pic of a newer creation and get that posted for ya tomorrow.

I will leave you with the only good shot we got on the last camping trip. Of course the only 1 nice day we had we for got the camera and the fact that the darn thing is not working!! Don't you just love cameras...when they work!! Anyway here is a pic of El trying to stay warm under the towel, while her sister is busy making a big trench in the sand. I actually spent more time in the water this day even though it was rather chilly. But I guess with the air temp being lower the water didn't feel all that bad. Okay...it was still cold, but I guess it could have been worse. ;0)


Nancy said...

What a neat card, Trace!!!

Merlie said...

Sounds like you need another playroom to clean! Come on over. I will let you use my cricut!

Amanda said...

I found your blog though Pieces of Me blog. I am a fellow Canadian.

Hope you have some to the end of your cleaning spree and can get back to some fun card making.

Also, Wanted to tell you that I have awarded your site the Artepico award.

Please stop by my blog anytime.

Thanks Amanda

Crestajune said...

Hey Tracy! Just wanted to say Hi.... Great card. Love the colors. Sounds like you are having a busy summer! =) Take care.

Heather said...

Super cute card! And a wonderful picture!!! Have wonderful weekend.

Corie said...

This card is FANTASTIC

Maria said...

I'm lovin' your card Tracy! The colors are fabulous and I love the clean lines of your card! Beautiful!

Wow, you were ambitious cleaning out your kids' rooms. I would not dare clean my daughter's room. . it's too scary in there and I'm afraid what I may find. . .like old food under the bed or something like that and I'll get mad and start throwing things out of her room. KWIM? LOL!

Aww, El looks so pretty. She's smiling despite being cold. She's adorable!!