Thursday, September 11, 2008

{Happiness is knowing you}

Really it is! You wouldn't know it by my lack of posting lately though...sorry. It has just been crazy busy and I have been stressed and just not feeling the all!! Between work, school, ballet, cheerleading and troubles. Let's just say I have not been feeling much like stamping. Don't get me wrong...I want to, but I am just not feeling it. Hopefully this weekend I can find some time and energy. ;0)

Anyway, here is a creation I did awhile back and forgot to least I don't think I posted it...if I did...well just pretend you haven't seen it before. ;0) Nothing spectacular, but it's cute.
I will try and take some pics this weekend of some RAKs that I have received lately and a few new creations I made last week.
Thanks for stoppin' by and stickin' with me. :0)


Maria said...

Hey Tracy!

I know how you feel. . .I've been the same way lately. I look at all my stuff and I just can't get myself to make anything but I finally sat down and made an effort to create something!

I'm sorry that life is so busy that you don't have time to relax. I hope you find the time soon and that you'll find your mojo soon!!

HOpe you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


Allison said...

Super cute Tracy...hope all the duties of wifedom, motherhood and just life slow down so you can catch your breath (spoken as one who knows!).

Nancy said...

A hug for you girlie! I have some new Cat's Pajamas stamps for you to play with next Friday!

Julie Mutch said...

Ahhhhh, how cute is this! Sweet little butterfly, Trace! :)

I can relate to how you're feeling. I thought with both the girls being in school, things would be relaxing here, but instead I've picked up more shifts at work, the housework seems to be more than ever and I'm just plain exhausted. Maybe all us girls should just get together and go away on a little R & R vacation! I'd be fun, but I'd be scared of the condition of the house when I came home! lol :)

Hope you get a chance to relax this weekend. Take care!


Corie said...

This card is just beautiful.

Jovita said...

Oh Tracy hopefully thing will look up for you soon and I understand how you feel... life gets busy and hectic especially now that the kiddos are in school... I'm going through the same kind of stuff here with track meets & swim team.

Love your little butterfly card, the colors are soft and pretty.

Kristine B. said...'s very cute! =)

Elena said...

I love the clor of your paper! The stamp is adorable! Love your coloring!