Sunday, September 28, 2008

{Just a reminder!}

I just wanted to remind everyone that you have until September 30th to sign up for October's Aloha RAK Group. Here are the signups I have thus far. If your name is in RED I am still waiting your mailing/email info. Please contact me by the 30th or you will not be included in this months RAK Group. If I have missed anyone, please email me with your info ASAP so that I can add you to the list!

Christine Pereira

Nancy Elrick

Charlene Weaver


Monique (Moe) Montenegro

Jodi-Ann Lee

Pat Asaro


Mary Bennett

Charlene McKenzie

Deborah Golan

Jayne Converse

Colleen Kwan

Margarita (Margie) Cortina

Jackielou Ramilla


Michelle Ueligitone

Cyn Flores

Felicia Escalante

Toni Whitnell

Dianne Forst

Kelly Glover

Fida C Javellana

Erin Bohland

Rhonda Kelly

Those of you on the list...I will email you on the 1st with your RAK partner. If anyone would like to refresh your memory on the 'rules' of the RAK Group, you can click on the link on the Righthand sidebar.

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J-Yo! said...

oh wow! what a wonderful turn out!!! thanks again, Tracy!