Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{ Little Rays of Sunshine...}

There were a few this week. Not to rub it in or anything, but I just had to share. I was lucky enough to win a couple of candy winnings this past week. First off was this little beauty...thanks again Nancy for the heads up on this one!
And then remember my last post with the Anya card for the Case the Anya Contest? Well I won!! How cool is that? So I won Skater Ian and the Digi Geisha Anya(which is now gone as a digi image and being made into a stamp!) Very cool!
Okay...I know these are late, but I forgot to share my Valentine's creations with you all!

This first one was my creation for my hubby.
This was my creation for my two lovely girls. Lets just say that my Cricut got a good workout this Valentines Day!!
This little beauty was created by my lovely girls. Daddy gave them one of his canvas's and let them create. It is now hanging in my craft room!

This was my Vday gift from my family. Hubby actually made the holder for my copics all by himself! Although...not sure that I was so happy that he used this particular paper from my stash! ;0)

This last one, I just had to share. My youngest did this one the other day...all on her own. The only thing I did was stamp the image for her to color! She did all the coloring, piercing, scoring...everything! Pretty darn good. Daddy even told her, he thought she is getting better than Mommy!! ;0)
Thanks for stoppin' by...


jacque4u2c said...

Awesome! You go girl!

Julie Mutch said...

Congrats on your winnings - that's awesome! :) Sweet cards for your hubby and your girls.

Love the canvas art - so cute! What a nice gift. Beautiful card by your dd, too! Love the pretty flowers and the piercing! Tell her she did a great job! :)


Nancy said...

So many beautiful things to look at!! And El did a great job!!!

Joy said...

congrats on all your winnings! It is so fun to win! glad to see you had cute gifts too for valentine's day...even though he used your bella rose paper =) have a wonderful weekend!

Corie said...

These are fantastic, especially love the one from your little one!!