Friday, April 17, 2009

{ May Aloha RAK Group Signups }

Just a heads up to everyone...Jen has posted the sign ups for May. As I mentioned last month...Jen will be taking back the Aloha RAK as of May. Thank you to everyone who made it so much fun to organize. Be sure to head on over to Jen's blog and sign up...she has made some changes...sounds like fun to me! And just a note...she is starting you will need to email Jen with your mailing/email addy/blog addy if you are planning to join in for May

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Mary Bennett said...

Hi Tracy Dear,
I was sent your name for our Aloha RAK group and I love you but afraid my card won't be good enough for you as you are a designer. Right? I haven't been doing this too long so bare with me my dear and i will try to get you a beautiful card made believe me.....
Your friend,