Sunday, November 29, 2009

{ A Calgal Challenge }

I apologize for not posting this week. I have been busy working and shopping. But guess what? I only have 5 more gifts to buy and a few of them are because they are things that will not be available to buy for another week or two. Woohoo for me!! I always say that I want to be finished my shopping by Dec 1st and I am the closest I have ever been. Now I can spend December relaxing, wrapping, baking and just having some Christmas fun instead of freaking out worrying that it won't be done in time!!

Okay...onto the was my take on our Calgals Challenge for November. Shannon gave us this sketch, which was Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge.

Shannon was nice enough to give me a brown flower, since I did not bring any along with me. But when I got home I decided to add this orange one too for some added bling. It's okay... I love my new Verve stamp though! is tree and house decorating day today. This will most likely be a whole day affair as I will be setting up my Christmas Village this year. We don't have room in the house for it, so I set it up on the top of our kitchen cabinets. It actually looks really nice there. Maybe I will post some pics once we are all done. I only set it up once in awhile and I thought since this year we are having 3 family dinners here...5 of us on Christmas Day, 15 of us on Boxing Day and 7 of us on the day after Boxing Day! get started decorating.

Thanks for stoppin' by...


Julie Mutch said...

Gorgeous card, Trace! I like the flower that you added, too. It adds a nice bit of bling. :)

Post some pics once you get your village set up. Sounds like you're gonna be super busy with family dinners over the holidays. Have fun and enjoy your time with your family!


Allison said...

Lovely creation! That sentiment rocks and the paper choices are sublime!