Friday, April 09, 2010

{ Where's the Mojo? }

I think I have lost mine! Sorry for not posting much lately. To be honest I just have not had it in me the last little while. Not sure why. Just not feeling inspired to do much, if any stamping. A little break is not a bad thing. I have been doing other things though. You can check out my Amigurumi blog and I also picked up some stitching(cross-stitch) this week. I have not done any stitching since before my oldest was born(almost 9 years)!

I did realize though that I have a few creations that I had not shared with you all yet. I made this one about a month ago now. I know I used a sketch for inspiration, but can not remember which one I used...sorry.

Well, I am off to Calgals hopefully I will find some Mojo and make something presentable!!


Merlie said...

Taking a little break is good! Don't worry if you don't find your Mojo tonight... pretty sure I will be right next to you, looking for it!

NormaJ said...

My mojo disappeared with Christmas.
I haven't been able to get myself going this year at all. Must be something in the air.