Monday, June 08, 2009

{ Has anyone seen Spring? Anyone? }

This is getting, just plain freakin' ridiculous!!! The past 3 or 4 days have been a mix of snow, rain and bloody cold weather!! This is June!! You know...sun...warmth...sun...warmth...remember that? Not...everyone run for your lives and cover those flowers before they all die!!! We took the kids to Calaway park for my hubby's work annual Family Picnic. It was freazing!! Some people were wearing their winter coats, gloves, that is just wrong! But it was still a good day. Our oldest went on the 'Big' RollerCoaster for the very first time and LOVED it! She went on twice and has now decided that she only wants to do the 'adult' rides from now on. ;0)

I am slowly healing from my surgery. I must admit though...this one was much tougher than I was expecting, but I am getting there. I took off my steri-strips yesterday and was quite surprised at the size of some of my incisions! 2 are about 1/4" and 2 are 1"+. I guess that would explain why those two were so much more ouchie than the other two! I am heading back to work tomorrow though. So life is starting to get back to normal.

I have not managed to make it down to my stamproom yet, but I am planning on doing that today. This week I found a couple of 'new to me' sites. The first I found through Christine. I am sure EVERYONE else on the planet knows this one, but it was new to me... PC Crafters. I must admit that many of the images are not my cup of tea, but there are MANY more that are. I love that many images can be printed off in black and white and colored as a Digi image. But I also like that some are not...makes for a quick image. You will be seeing some PC Crafter images soon! ;0)

Another great site I found was Whimsie Doodles. There are only a handful of digi images up right now, but can't wait for more to come. I am a HUGH turtle lover, so I am so in love with these cute images. You can download a free image, so that is what I will be playing with today. I will definitely be going back for the others...very soon!

I will leave you with an old creation I did a few months ago. This was a card I made for my Nephews Bday. He's not a skater, but it was the only 'boyish' image that I had on hand. ;0) I was quite happy with the way this one turned out. Simple yet still a happy creation.


Dottie K. said...

Hi Tracy, Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Love the card. Hope it warms up soon for you. We've had some chilly days but not snow. Hope you enjoy your day! :)

Jovita said...

I'm happy to hear that everything went well and you're getting back into routine again. I'm looking forward to your latest creations.

Have a great day ~ Jovi :)

Julie Mutch said...

Glad to hear you're getting back into the swing of things after your surgery.

Cute card, I'm sure your nephew liked it. I'm gonna have to check out the sites that you mentioned, too. Thanks for the tip! :)

Take care,

Quilt Nut said...

can't get over how horrible your weather has been! my parents headed out today for Calgary and are hoping for warmer weather when they get there lol

glad you are feeling better. love this card

Kyoko said...

I'm glad you are feeling better Tracy! Back to work already?? Wow, give you credit.

I love the colors on your Skater Ian card.

Joy said...

love that skater Ian...I think he's so cute! love that DP...where is that from? love the sentiment too! great job on a "boy" card! love it!

Alex said...

Okay, I did NOT know you were having surgery....I hope it was nothing serious!!

Your card is really cute!! I hope the weather gets better for you, that is weird in June!'


Dianne Forst said...

Speaking from experience - the scars will fade and won't look as bad as they do now!

At least you know next trip to Disney Land you'll have more fun with Em!! Can't wait to hear it from her!

Hope you had a good time at Copic's tonight!

Merlie said...

Happy to hear you're feeling better. Don't know where Spring is, but I know Winter was here.

joni h said...

Good to read that you're on your way to recovering! Don't worry about the OCS, main thing I get it before xmas! ;) Love the colors on your Ian Skater card.

Teri said...

Hey Tracy, love your Skater Ian card and your blog's new look. Hope all is well.