Friday, June 04, 2010

{ TCC Winner and a fairwell }

Good morning everyone! First off thanks for being so patient this week. It has been a bit crazy around our household the last 3 weeks. Between hubby's new job, the new dog, end of year ballet season, being sick and my MIL is in the hospital right now...well crazy, ya know? Let's get to this months entries and then for some news.

First off our blogging ladies...

Therese - 1 entry

Karen - 1 entry

Sylvia - 1 entry

Nancy - 1 entry

Melissa - 1 entry

Charmaine - 1 entry

Chris - 1 entry

Merlie - 1 entry

And our non-bloggers...Elaine - 1 entry

And Carol - with 3 entries
Thanks again to everyone for playing along. Now onto my announcement. I have come to a hard decision about this Challenge and my blog. Life is just really crazy right now and I have decided to take a bit of a blogging break and unfortuately that includes the Challenge. I have decided that May will be the last challenge for this year. If there is anyone out there wanting to continue on with the Challenge you are more than welcome to take it over. Just let me know and I will be sure to let everyone know here on my blog. Okay...onto our last winner...drumroll...
Nancy...let me know where you want your $25 gift certificate from and I will get it to you this week!
Again, thanks to everyone for playing along in the challenges and for visiting my blog. I am not giving up blogging completely, but I can guarantee that it will be very sporatic as I think I have only stamped maybe once a month over the past few months. Sad I know, but that is just the way it is right now.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Sylvia said...


That's too bad. You can send anyone wanting to continue to participate in a Christmas Card Challenge to my blog.
I have a couple people participating and I would welcome anyone wanting to challenge themselves to get their cards done early. I just posted the cards from my Christmas Stack Class held on Saturday.

MelissaS said...

thanks for all you have done for this challenge to date! I have you to thank for completing a great pile of holiday cards already. Life gets crazy, and unfortunately the fun stuff has to take a backseat sometimes. I hope you have a good summer and hope to see you around the blogosphere again soon!

Froggietalks said...

I hope things work out well for you Tracy. Family most definitely comes first. I would be happy to take over the Christmas card challenge for this year... I just don't have the funds to do the gift certificate though, so it would be for fun.