Sunday, March 13, 2011

{ Feb Calgal Creation }

and another Mandala. I just realized I forgot to post this week...sorry. So here I am with another creation. This one was from our Calgal night in Feb and it just so happens another Mandala creation. I was not thrilled with this one when I finished it. When I got home I decided to draw in the added corner details with my Copics. It's okay, I guess. I love the Mandala, just not too sure I love the rest of it. Although, of course I love the MS punched border...borrowed from Merlie of course!!

My girls have the last of their dance exams today. My oldest had her first one yesterday and she was very excited and I am sure she did fine. This is her first year of dance and she is doing really well. We got to see her at observation week a few weeks ago and I was really quite impressed at how well she is doing in Tap 1. They have a ton of stuff to remember and I am quite surprised at her level of concentration. Although, it is quite funny to watch her sometimes...the tongue makes an appearance when she is concentrating too hard. ;0)

It looks like Spring may have finally arrived here in Calgary!! Woohoo! The snow is nicely melting and the Sun is shining. So cross your fingers!!


Jovita said...

Beautiful card Tracy, it looks like you added something sparkly to the blue... which I really like.

Allison said...

What an image! Great coloring!