Wednesday, March 02, 2011

{ Just because }

It's another crappy, crappy day here in Calgary. Oh and guess what? It is suppose to be nice and warm tomorrow!! Oh and guess what? Then the cold is suppose to return...once again. Seriously? If this is someones idea of a joke? I don't get it.

Onto better and happier things...

This one was created using a cute little hedgehog image I believe I snagged off of Shannon during a Calgal gathering last year sometime. I can not remember for the life of me what sketch I used for inspiration. My guess is an old MojoMonday, but not sure which one. If you know, please let me know. I like this one. Although, I should have used another color besides the green on the back layer. I should have just stuck with the pink or purple perhaps. Oh well. Like I said, I still like it.

I am at home with a sick kid today. She came home from school yesterday. She has been stuffed up all weekend and sore throat. I thought last night that I would send her today cause she seemed fine. Then I decided to keep her home. She is still really stuffed up, sore throat, headache. So she is drinking some hot chocolate and watching a Harry Potter movie right now.

I am thinking of setting up a book blog today. Since there is equal amounts of craftiness and books. What do ya think? And on that note? I got a very exciting email yesterday. For those of you that frequent GoodReads, there is a section of book giveaways. I have been entering them for awhile now. Just the ones that interest me. I finally won my first one! It is a firstread win. It is called Touch by Alexi Zentner and will not be released until April 12, 2011. I am very excited. So stayed to tuned for my review.

Well, off to clean and maybe read today...and maybe set up a new blog too...who knows.


Aylee said...

Gah, from what I understand, the weather in Edmonton isn't going to be getting any better any time soon unfortunately.

Jovita said...

Cute card Tracy, one of my favorite PB images, love the plaid background.

Hopefully your daughter will feel better soon.

I always get emails for review requests... I'll make sure to send them your way ;)

Jovita said...
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Monique said...

Oh My Goodness I am really LOL.. you sound like me... I live in Edson that is just outside of Edmonton... Ya our weather is totally sucking... big time!!! What a cute card.. Love this adorable image and pretty pink plaid paper :).. Keep warm lol.!!!