Friday, December 29, 2006

I am in love...with my Cuttlebug!!

No I did not get one for Christmas. Hubby searched and could not find one in the city. He was told they would not be getting anymore at Michaels until February!! I got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas so went out for a little look around. Thought I would drop into Michaels and just take a peak and see if by chance they got some in ;0) They had them!!! Of course I forgot to bring my coupon, but the lady was nice enough to let me have my 50% off without it!! I love her! So I rushed home and just did a test run on a scrap piece of computer paper. All I can say is that I am in love!! I bought the Stylized Swirls embossing envelope and I love it!! I love dry embossing but it really hurts my wrist when I do it. A couple turns of the handle on the cuttlebug and done!! Now I can't wait to try some diecuts. Never have used them but I can definitely see myself using them now!!

Just had to share...can you tell I am excited ;0)

Hope to have a new creation for you in the next day or two...using my Cuttlebug of course!!

Thanks for stoppin' by :0)

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Nancy said...

I am SO jealous!!!!!!!!