Sunday, November 04, 2007

{ Bring on the noise...I mean music...}

Okay...I need some help. I received my new mp3 player last week and am now in the process of downloading a bunch of new music. But I need some help in finding some new tunes. I would love to hear what everyone is listening to right now. So please leave me a comment with your favorite song or artist right now. I need some new tunes! thanks :0)

Oh...and what do you think of the new look?


Flossie's Follies said...

Gosh I have some varied musical tastes, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Raggae, right now though I have been listening to Michael Buble, really like his standard style.

YankeeTexan said...

Hi Tracy,
Have you tried It's really cool. You simply type in the name of an artist you love, and Pandora will give you suggestions of artists with similar music styles. If you think they're way off base with someone you just tell them, and they'll remove that particular artist from your list.
Give it a try.

Nancy said...

The new look is great Tracy! You'll have to teach me how to do it!

The only problem, is that I didn't realize I was reading YOUR blog LOL!

Anonymous said...

One of my new favs that I dance like crazy to came on a new show called Private Practice (a spin off of Grey's Anatomy).

The song is called I don't feel like dancin' by the scissor sisters.

Dawn Easton said...

Oh goodness! An MP3 player?! cool! I don't know how to do anything with the iPod we have...Have fun with it!
LOVE the blog! I've been looking at the new free backgrounds...can't decide what to do with mine!