Monday, November 12, 2007

{Pay it! }

For those of you who left comments for the Pay it Forward...thank you. And if you really want to do something for someone...go for it anyway!!

My two lucky ladies are...


Ladies please shoot me an email with your mailing address and I will get some goodies off you to this week!

Hope you all have a good Monday. It is a day off school here...and thank goodness. Still have a house full of sickies. My youngest is REALLY sick with a cold. She has a really nasty sounding cough right now. Might need to take her in to the doc...see how she does the rest of the day. She may not be going to school tomorrow. My oldest has a cold too, but she is fine. Gotta love cold and flu season!!!

But hopefully I can find some time for some stampin' today. I did manage to create 3 new cards the other night, but can't share just quite yet...they are on their way to some special people. ;0)


Dottie K said...

Hope your children feel better soon! :)

Nancy Grant said...

Yikes... I hope your daughters get over their colds. That certain is no fun.