Wednesday, November 28, 2007

{ The Weather Outside is Frightful! }

Winter has definitely arrived! I so do not like this is cold and snowy...yuck! Oh well, guess it had to come eventually and we have had a pretty nice fall thus far. But I don't have to like it!!

So in light of this cold weather, I thought I would share a Snowbunnybella creation with you. I really like this bella. She is so quick and easy to color, but so fun too! You can't tell by the pic, but I added lots of sparkle to her with my Clear Glitter Pen.

Well, DD is home yet again today. I took her back to the dr yesterday and they are gonna send her for a ultrasound to make sure that her appendix is okay. They tried to book us in for an URGENT ultrasound, but of course in this city...well our appointment is for next Wednesday!! In the meantime if it gets worse we are to take her to the Childrens Hospital. I am thinkin' that I might anyway. She has been home for 3 days now...we keep thinkin' that it isn't that bad, but everytime she is up for more than 5-10 mins she wants to lay down again. We tried to get her up for school today, but she won't eat and starts crying again. Not sure what else to do. See how she is this morning. I might venture over to the Children's Hospital with her later on today. She is not worse, but not better either. Just not sure what to do...ya know?

Lastnight I had planned on doing up some Christmas cards, but right after we put the girls down for bed our little one got sick! She's okay...just needed to clear out the chest a little. But we just can't seem to win around here! Sorry for venting. ;0)


Nancy said...

Poor Tracy.... hugs to you!

Shannon said...

Sorry to hear you still have a sick little girl. I agree you should go to the Childrens Hospital. They could probably get you your ultrasound sooner and that will help you out. Plus they just deal with kids better. I love your bella card.

Anonymous said...

I also agree..think you should head on over to hospital. They are in my thoughts.

Rita said...

Luv this Bella card Tracy! I agree with you, take her to the hospital to be on the safe side. I think waiting a week is too long for an e-ray. Good luck!

dd2njoy said...

Your card is gorgeous!!
Don't wait,go with your gutt instinct,better to be safe than sorry!!! Good luck!

Quilt Nut said...

love the card!

hope your dd is feeling better soon