Monday, December 17, 2007

{ Is it really only 8 more days??!!!!! }

Okay....has the panic set in yet?? Okay, maybe not exactly panic, but do you know what I mean? My shopping is pretty much done, but I still have a load of wrapping to do. And I still want to make teacher and bus driver gifts. Don't know if those will get done or not!! Oh well...we do what we can, right? ;0)

Here is another creation for ya. I just love these penguins. They are so cute and this stamp is such a quick and easy stamp to color.

We bought a Wii for our family for Christmas and hubby and I decided to open it up so that we know how it works and test it out. OMG!!! Is it ever fun! Can't wait till we get our other controller so I can kick some butt in tennis!! And Wow! It is a pretty good work out too!! ;0)


Nancy said...

The Wii is a HOOT! Have fun!

Julie Mutch said...

Cute card, I'm still lovin' those penguins! :)

Have fun with the new game system... let the kids have a turn too, eh! lol :)

Have a great day! We're having a storm day here today. Kids are off school as the roads are too messy from our storm last night. Too bad, Alex had her Santa Gift Mart scheduled for today to buy gifts for everyone, I guess they'll do it tomorrow instead. Anyway, I'm off to make some more Xmas cards...will the end ever come? lol :)

Take care!

Shannon said...

And just who is the gaming system for ...... Glad to hear you got your hands on this xmas's hot item.

Flossie's Follies said...

Love those penguins, great card, enjoy the Wii

Shanismom said...

love the card, very cute. enjoy the Wii.

Michelle said...

Super cute card! Love the penguins!

Alexandra said...

You are too funny Tracy! I have missed your blog - glad I had a chance to pop in!! This card is darling - love those penguins! Have a wonderful holiday, my friend! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex