Monday, December 03, 2007


I will be back with a new the meantime?

DD #2 came down with the flu this weekend!! So she is home today. Then hubby came home from hockey lastnight...yup, you guessed it! He was up all night and now he is home today. Please pray for me that I don't get it...although my tummy has that funny feeling this morning!! NO!!!!Will this ever end???


Nancy said...

Poor Tracy!!! Think positive thoughts! Your stomach might just be feeling queasy cuz you're thinking it's going to happen.


Anonymous said...

Oh No! You and family are in my prayers!

Julie Mutch said...

Oh, that's too bad! I home they're feeling better soon! You're not pregnant are you? Just kidding! :)

I hope Nancy's right and you're just thinking it's gonna happen. My fingers are crossed for ya. It's hard trying to look after the little ones when you're not feeling well... plus hubby, too, cause they're like having another child when they get sick! lol :) Take care!