Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{ How cool are these!!?? }

Okay this is not crafting related, but I just had to share what I picked up for my family today! Check these out!! I was going to save them for Christmas, but I can't. ;0) I am gonna leave them on the kitchen counter for when they all get home from school and work...heeheehee. ;0)

Off to work I go...wish I was off to bed though! Thinkin' I have myself a sinus infection...yucky. :0(


Merlie said...
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Merlie said...

Oh they are gonna be excited... maybe not! once they find out it's not the real one. Do you guys have one? We had one before, but the hubby coudn't win the boxing round so he sold it.

Teri said...

haha! These are great! You're gonna fool everyone!

Maria said...

LOL! Boy, the things that these gamers come up with! LOL! They're too cute!!

My daughter loves the Wii. My DH was going to get me the exercise one but I told him not to waste his money! LOL!

Even the regular games are a workout. My arms hurt after I play the games.