Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{ April Aloha RAK Group Signups }

It is that time again. If you would like to join in for April please leave a comment to let me know that would like to join us. If this is your first time with the group, please email me with your mailing addy and email. Also, you can click on the righthand sidebar for all the details about the group. Hope you can join us for April.

I would also, like to let everyone know that Jen has offered to take the group back starting in May. I will send out a reminder next month, but just thought I would let everyone know now that you will have to start visiting Jen for your signups starting with the May group. Thank you all that have joined in since I took it over from Jen in the fall. It has been so much fun!


NormaJ said...

Love meeting new people this way.
However, I will have to step back
for April and May due to other
commitments at home. I'll follow along to keep in touch for June.
Thanks Tracy for your hard work.

jennyv said...

I had fun doing this. Please sign me up for April and I will e-mail Jen for future Aloha Rak signup. Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy! Please sign me up for the April RAK! Thanks for helping Jen out...great job! =)

~ gracie

June Ikeda said...

Hi Tracy, my name is June and I'm from Hilo. I'd like to join your RAK group if I may. Where do I email my information to?

Joy said...

just thought I'd let you know that I haven't received my RAK for the month of march...but I know it's not the end of the month yet. I'm too busy this month to join. thanks for all your hard work in putting this together every month. it was a pleasure conversing with you =)