Thursday, March 12, 2009

{ MojoMonday #75 }

I know, I know...this one was a little late. Funny thing is, I actually made this in time, just forgot to post it in time! I have been feeling quite lousy the past few weeks...well since January really, but REALLY lousy the past few weeks. I am struggling with my Gallbladder right now...not fun! I go see the surgeon next hopefully he will take this thing out...and soon!

Okay enough of my whining...onto the card! This one was inspired by MojoMonday sketch #75 This one was a hugh challenge for me! I just really struggled with this sketch. I like it...I think. Still not 100% sure. I do love this Tangerine Tango color though! And how could you not love a Hibiscus?

Okay, off to take a shower and get some stuff done today! Thanks for stoppin' by.


Julie Mutch said...

Hi Trace,

This is so pretty! I love the colours and the Hibiscus stamp is gorgeous! :)

I hope you're able to get your Gall Bladder taken out soon. I feel your pain...I had mine out 3 days post-partum after my first daughter was born. I suffered with the pain that whole pregnancy and the pain was far worse than either of my two labours! I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy! Hopefully they'll get you in for surgery soon. Take care!


little D said...

I think we need to start a Sans Gallbladder club!

This card is amazing! The colors are very striking! It works -very well!

See ya tomorrow! Oh - by the way - I have a horrible thing to tell you - I'm a selfish brat! I"ll send you an email!

Merlie said...

I love it!

mudmaven said...

Gorgeous card - love, love, love the colors! You will feel so much better if you get that darned thing taken out - had mine out about 7 years ago and was one of the better things I ever did. ~chris

Nicole's Scrappin' Corner said...

Love it! Love the colors and your copic work is awesome!
It's also so fun seeing other calgarians on here!

Teri said...

Such a pretty card Tracy! More importantly,hope you feel better soon. Feeling lousy from your gall bladder is no fun at all. We went through this with my dad last year and thank goodness he went through surgery and is just fine today! take care!! xo, teri

Alex said...

Beautiful card Tracy, love the colors!!

I had my gb taken out five years ago, so I know exactly how you feel! Hope you feel better soon!