Friday, October 30, 2009

{ Happy Birthday Em! }

Today is my oldest daughters Bday. The big 8!! Wow! 8 already? Not only is it her Bday today, but the kids have their Halloween parties at school...Mommy had to make cupcakes and cookies lastnight. Then tonight is Em's Bday party. We are having some Pizza, Cupcakes, a little craft and then Popcorn and a screening of Hannah Montana The Movie. And then tomorrow is Halloween. Where has the time gone? Halloween already? And then we have to start getting things ready for Christmas!! Yikes! One day at a time. ;0)

Anyway...just thought I would share Em's Bday card before I start cleaning the house.

This happens to also be my take on this weeks MojoMonday. I decided to use some of the Hannah Montana stickers the girls happen to have. I am quite happy with the way this one turned out. I asked her sister if she wanted to make one herself or sign this from all of us...she was super excited when she saw it and said 'From me too!!' So I think it will be a well liked card. ;0)

Well...I am off to clean the house and maybe have a bath. Not feeling great today, so hopefully I can feel better before the party and a house full of 7 & 8 year old little girls!!

Have a great Halloween!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Em!!!! Enjoy your party!!

mudmaven said...

Very cute card Tracy! My dgd (who is only 3) is a huge Hannah Montana fan. Gotta look for some of those stickers before Christmas - she'd love 'em. Take care and enjoy your celebration! ~chris

Merlie said...

Happy Birthday Em! Have fun cleaning up before and after the party!

Crestajune said...

Awesome card, Tracy! Good work on the sketch!

Allison said...

How fun that you incorporated that Hannah Montana in with the card...I know my girl has an addiction to some things that you just can't deny!