Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{ Week almost over }

I know. It is only Tuesday. The kids have a short week this week due to Teacher's Convention. Tomorrow is the last day this week and then they are off for 5 days. I still work Friday and Saturday, but no really early mornings, so it kinda feels like a holiday for me too.

So we had the dentist appointments yesterday. Which means I need to vent a little. I really should have been a dentist. The girls appointments went well. The youngest has no cavities...still. The oldest has one tiny one. They will be able to fill it without even freezing it. So they both had checkups and only one had xrays. $420!! Then another $150 to fill the tiny cavity and we have to wait till June for that. Wow! And we learned that our visit to the Orthodontist will start ASAP! I thought we would have another year, but no such luck. Our dentist...who we love, even though I complain...thinks that they will most likely start some small treatments on our oldest one sooner than later. Anyway, both of them will be seeing an Orthodontist. So we have a long road of dental work ahead. So in other words? I am currently looking for a second job. Okay...enough of my whining for one day...

Here is a card I made using up a colored image I had laying around for quite sometime now. It is such a big image, I just never got around to using it. This card is 5 X 7, so much bigger than the norm. Nothing too thrilling, but I still like it.

Thanks for stoppin' by and I will be back again soon as book #14 should be done tomorrow.

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Jovita said...

Beautiful card Tracy, love your coloring.

I feel for you, my daughter is recently out her braces and now my son will need them soon, quite an expense that I'm not looking forward too.