Wednesday, June 08, 2011

{ Enjoy the Moment }

Hey look! Two posts in the same the same month! I am on a roll!

Yes, another Mandala. Guess I should have taken a closer look at this one before I actually took the photo. Seems my bling has slipped a bit. Oh well. I can't remember, but I think this may have been one that I made at one of the last Calgal gatherings.

Thanks for stoppin' by. I will most likely drop in again on the weekend. I have an interview this week for a new job, so everyone cross your fingers and toes for me!


Nancy said...

I really like this card! And I'm thrilled you're posting!

I have applied for two full time jobs in the last two weeks... both competitions close later this month.... not sure I want someone to cross their fingers and toes for me LOL! I'm nervous about going back full time!

Jovita said...

Wonderful card Tracy, great to see you posting once again. Good luck on your job interview... keeping finger crossed :)