Monday, January 08, 2007

French Flair 3 X 3

Okay so I think this maybe the one I use for my 'Black and White with color pop' swap. What do you think of this one?
On another note...yesterday was an exciting one in our household.

My hubby got to be a part of the Allstar game for the NCHL here in Calgary. He is a member of the league and is the goaltender for the Chargers. The Allstar skills and game were held here at the Saddledome!! It was very exciting. Of course I forgot the camera!! But my inlaws had theirs and my brother in-law brought the video camera. It was very cool. There were 3 goalies so he only got to play 1 period, but still very exciting. His team won the game 7-5!!

Thanks for stoppin' by and I will be back with a new creation tonight or tomorrow!

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Laura said...


I think this card would be PERFECT. I love the black, white, and red together. TFS!!!