Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here it is!

Okay I know this is not a new pic, but wanted to share my new Watermark!

Thanks again to Cindy!! I highly reccomend these watermarks. Very professional.

Be back later...I am off to work :0(


chriserendipity said...

Hey Tracy,
Love your blog! Great watermark, too! I've just subscribed to get your updates and I love having this service offered to me.

I am also a Calgarian, and was wondering where you ordered/bought your Cuttlebug from? I'm feeling a fever coming on from getting bitten by the "bug", too, so any info you could provide would be terrific.



Cindy Keery said...

You're welcome!

And I love that card... very adorable!

Tracy.H said...

Thanks for the comments, Chris! I love my Cuttlebug. I actually picked mine up at Michael's. I know that they have run out of them many times over the past few months. So I would just call around until you find one. They carry Embossing folders and diecuts as well. And definitely use your coupon!!