Wednesday, June 06, 2007

{ Bad Mother Nature, Bad }

Wow!! We got hit with a major storm lastnight here in Calgary. I soooo wish I had some pics to show you. We were actually out when it hit. We had gone to our daughter's new school for a Kindergarten registration meeting. During the meeting the Vice Principle came in to ask if anyone had parked their car in the teachers parking lot, cause you were'nt getting out! It was totally flooded halfway up the doors. The water was coming into the school. The gym floor was half covered in water too! It took us quite awhile to make our way home. Most of the major intersections were flood so bad that cars were actually floating down the roads. I have never seen it this bad out here in our area before!! Thank god we made it home when we did though. Our oldest was complaining all night that her stomach was hurting, but we thought it was just that she was bored and wanted to go home. Well about 10 mins after we got home she threw up! Thank god it did'nt happen at the school or worse, in the van on the way home!! But she is fine this morning.

After all that rain lastnight...and now we have a heavy rainfall warning for the city of Calgary today!! It's a mess. I called the school to make sure the busses are okay for today. They said they had not heard anything, but we will see. It just might take her 2 hrs instead of 1hr to get to school today ;0)

Hope you are having much nicer weather where you are today!


Nancy said...

It didn't seem too bad out here in our neighbourhood... was surprised at the news last night seeing all the flooding etc.

Keep dry!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Doesn't sound fun at all! glad your daughter is feeling better! My daughter just did the same thing about a week ago except we were in a restaurant. Luckily she was able to get to the bathroom. Needless to say we didn't feel much like eating after that.

Shannon said...

It didn't seem to bad to me here in Kincora up by Nancy. But I saw the pictures from around Chinook and there was water everywhere. We were out in the NW until about 8:30 but didn't see nothing like what I saw in pictures.

Anonymous said...

We got tons of rain in Halifax yesterday too although not quite as much as you. Thunder & lightening was incredible though. Glad your daughter is feeling better today.