Monday, March 24, 2008

{ Happy Christmas? }

Well, you would think so looking at this!

Yesterday afternoon was +12C and there was absolutely no snow in my backyard. Then this is what I awoke to this morning!! Plus massive wind! Yuck.

So I guess this card I made is quite fitting...

This is a HighHopes image that I had colored a long time ago with my SU markers. I love this fun!

Looks like the worst of Em's illness is over. Just trying to get her eating back up to where it should be. She is so thin to start with that it takes a lot out of her when she is sick like this. I keep pushing food on her...only because I can see every rib and vertibrae!! On another note...I think her sister must be going through a growth spurt. She has been eating non-stop since Friday!! I am not exagerating either!! She has to stop eventually...right???

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great Monday!


Alexandra said...

Ooooh, yuk! Way too much snow for almost April!!! But, your card is adorable, the coloring great, and the image is really really cute! Hope your daughter is feeling loads better! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my looks like God forgot that Spring started on March 20th. Love your cute card, what an adorable image and glad to hear that Em in on the mend.

Quilt Nut said...

ack Tracy!

great card!

All Pink girl said...

Fabulous card realy cute stamp ,Dawnxx
thanks for sharing the photos we would love snow like that xxx

Dottie K. said...

Cute card and stamp. I'm so ready for spring. Glad Em is feeling better. :)

Ila said...

Love this Fabulous card!! We have snow today and tomorrow....will spring never come??

Dawn Easton said... can keep that white stuff down there!! I've still got enough on my lawn thank you ;)
Your card is perfect! Love your layout and that image is adorble!

Crestajune said...

Love your card! That image is just too cute! Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog.

Julie Mutch said...

LOL That's for teasing us about our cold weather out East and the fact that your temp was at +14C the other day! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Just kidding! :)

Love your card. The image is just adorable. Great layout. Oh, I still haven't got started on my Xmas cards like I had planned to each month up to Xmas...supposed to do 6 each month leading up so I'd have them all done to mail out in November. It was a good thought anyway... lol :)

Glad Em is feeling better. I hear ya on the eating thing. My girls are going through another growth spurt, too, and are eating us out of house and home! They're sure getting tall.

Take care!


Michelle said...

I am so over winter!
Very cute those High Hopes images!

Allison said...

Another super High Hopes card...your new profile pic is great - super flattering!