Sunday, March 30, 2008

{ What a week!! }

Just wanted to let everyone know that yes...I am still alive! What a week! Well it took Em over 5 days to get better and then El got it on Tuesday...still not 100% and then about 1 hr later Daddy started!! He had it the worst I think. This was the sickest I have seen him in 18 years!! He weighed himself...he lost 15 pounds in the first 24 hrs!

Needless, to say...I have nothing new to show you. I am working on something though. So hopefully within the next few days I will have something new to show you.

I hope everyone else had a better Spring Break than we did!!


Julie Mutch said...

Oh man, that's terrible. I hope everyone gets well really soon! Take care!


Dottie K. said...

I hope everyone is on the mend. Hopefully next week will be much better for everyone. Make sure your taking good care of yourself. Hugs, Dottie

Nancy said...

WOW Trace!!! So sorry to hear you've all been so sick!! HUGS!

Kristine said... fun attall!! Sorry to hear everyone's down. Best wishes for good health--take care of yourself. Can't wait to see what ya got cookin' :D