Tuesday, March 11, 2008

{ Seven weeks...but who's counting? }

That's right...7 weeks today I will be on a plane for Disneyland! Woohoo! Although, it will be a small plane. Hubby was looking at things online and found out which planes we will be taking. Apparently, we will be on a 70 seater for our first flight to Seattle. Yikes! Oh well. I think I have been on one before. I will be fine...I will be fine...I will be fine ;0)

Sorry that it took me awhile to post again. Busy working this weekend and then yesterday I was at the dentist. Yikes!! I was going in thinking I was getting 3 fillings...apparently the dentist had other plans! I ended up with 7 fillings and 5 needles later!! Lets just say it was a fairly painful experience...since the freezing did not take at first and I almost took out the dental assistant! Lets just say that I will be poppin' Advil like candy today!

Thought I would share the lastest creation I did for my youngest to take to a bday party this past weekend. I had finally bought myself a few Mickey stamps last week and El decided she wanted me to make a Mickey card. So here it is...

I got my inspiration for this one from the great card that I received from miss DottieK...check it out here. I love this Mickey stamp. I will definitely be using it a lot!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for stoppin' by.


Dottie K said...

tracy - can't see your card

Anita said...

I have flown 70 seaters several times from Salt Lake City to Pasco, WA - they are a piece of cake! I used to fly 27 seaters from Seattle to Eugene, OR all the time, too. You'll be just fine!

I love your blog - I try and check it every day!


Alexandra said...

Very cute card Tracy - love Mickey!! And, your plane ride will be cake, they are not bad to fly in at all! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Dottie K said...

adorable - i used this stamp in my scrapbook that I gave my bf for christmas - used in the corner of a page - so cute :)

Shannon said...

The plane is probably bigger than the 8 seater of the 18 seater that I take weekly. You'll be fine you big chicken!

Laura said...

Hey Tracy! Long time, no talk. I'm back blogging; yippee!!! YAY for going to Disneyland. I'm so excited for you.

Maria said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you had a painful experience with the dentist!

Whoohoo! Disneyland! I love that place. We don't go there often enough. My kids have outgrown that place but I haven't! LOL!

I hope you enjoy your trip! Well, I know you will! Your card is so fitting! Your card is the cutest!


Eleanor said...

I like the changes on your blog. It looks great!