Thursday, January 01, 2009

{Welcome to 2009 }

First off...yes, I am back. My goal will be to keep my posts on a regular basis. My plan at this point? At least 3 times a week...more if I end up creating more.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. We were all spoiled. I was going to try and take photos of all my crafty stuffs I received, but I ended up cleaning my room and putting everything away. So here are just a handfull of things that were in eye sight...

Yes...that is a Cricut Expressions you see with 5 cartridges. I did not receive it FOR Christmas...I actually received some money and a couple gift cards for the Pantry... so I went after Christmas and bought it. After all was said and only cost me(personally) $90...can't say no to that! And then Michaels had that sale on last week with the cartridges on for $39.99! could I not!? ;0) And did you see those yummy Copics?? Those were from my lovely hubby! I have not tested them out yet...I know, I know! But I don't have anything besides SU cardstock, so I have to run out this week and buy some other cardstock so I can play. I will have some new creations with those adoreable Hedgie stamps too! you can see I was spoiled rotten!! And more crafty stuff for me for at least 6 months!!! ;0)

Okay, so here it first offical creation of 2009! I actually did this one yesterday, but close enough. ;0)
This great Fluffles image was one I had stamped off of Nancy during one of our last Calgal gatherings. Thanks for the great image, Nancy! I added some Crystal Effects to the balloon and the icing. All in all? I am lovin' #001 of 2009!

I have been playing around with the cricut a bit. I REALLY need to get out and get myself a spatula though...before I ruin my cutting mat. I have only used it to make about 5 Disney Characters and it is already loosing the stickiness!!! Anyone out there that uses the Disney cartridges? I could definitely use some tips on settings. I only use SU cardstock too. I keep moving them around, but would love to hear what others use. I finally discover the multicut button and than has helped a bit and also trying to not cut my images smaller than 5-6 inches...especially those Fairies!! Wow!! What a lot of little tiny pieces!! I have yet to get an eyeball done!!

Okay that is all for now...oh one more thing! Calling all Canadian bloggers!!! If you have a crafty blog and are Canadian, head on over to Nancy's blog. She is starting up a Canadian Blogroll.

Thanks for stoppin' by


Corie said...

WOW welcome back Tracy. Your card is adorable. And you hit the jackpot for Christmas a Cricut and copics.

Margie said...

Good to see you again ;)
I love Fluffles! Your card is adorable!
Happy New Year! looking forward to seeing all you make using your new lil 'toys'!

Nancy said...

Welcome back!!!! I missed you blogging!!!

Lovely card, by the way!!

Joy said...

welcome back Tracy...glad to see that you will be posting again and lots of it! I think that cricut expression is so much fun! but I haven't gotten one yet and I am so debating on it...but with great deals like you got...why not? only if they had them here! great job on the card and eeyore...he's so cute! TFS!

Merlie said...

Nice to see you up and blogging again. Wow!!! lots of goodies to play with.

nicky w. said...

I can't believe I've been missing your posts!!! I'm so glad that you're back... thanks also for all of your hard work on the Monthly Aloha RAK... I'm having a great time!