Thursday, April 19, 2007

I have been tagged!

It has been fun this week looking through my blog list. So many people have been tagged with this new blogger tag. I have had fun browsing some new blogs...and of course adding many to my daily list! But I was so surprised to see that I was tagged twice today!! First by my friend Nancy and then by one of my favorite daily blog hangouts...Laura. Thanks so much ladies!! You made my day. :0)

So now it is my turn! Since soooo many of my favs have already been tagged I will direct you to some of my new no particular order ;0)

1. A Walk Through Durham Township - this is not stamping related, but Kathleens photos are amazing. I absolutely love her work...make sure to take a stroll through some of the older images...amazing!!

2. Mutch To Stamp - Julie is one of my daily stops. I was a recent winner of one of her candy giveaways too!

3. Crafty Me - I have just recently found Kimberly's blog but love it. I don't know where she finds the time with all those kids!!

4. Live, Love, Laugh and Stamp - again another recent find and a fellow Calgarian!! I love Shannon's creations...especially those Bellas!

5. Sassy & Sweet Notes - Anna's blog is one of my all-time favs!! I love her creations and her photography is amazing!! She reminds me soooo much of one of my best friends too...I really think they are twins that were seperated at birth ;0)

Well there is just a few of my daily stops. Tag your it!! ;0)


Julie Mutch said...

Hi Tracy,

Oops...I just tagged you again. :) Anyway, your site is one of my daily stops, too! Except for today, until right now, which is why I missed your comment before I already tagged you, just now. Does that make sense...ramble ramble... yup it's getting late again and I need to get some sleep! LOL :)


Shannon said...

Thanks for the tag - Tracy - I listed 5 blogs on my blog but its near impossible now to find blogs not tagged!