Monday, April 30, 2007

Contest Closed!

The Contain Yourself Spring Giveaway is now offically closed. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful creations!!

I will announce the winners tomorrow morning...must go over the entries with hubby and get his input too ;0)

Just thought I would give ya all a little tease...finally got some pics of the prizes!

First Place:
*Doodle Genie

*6 Chipboard Coaster(not in pic, sorry)

*3 different Costco ribbons

*mixture of Primas

*mixture of Hodge Podge Hardware

*mixture of colored bling

*mixture of brads

*12 6 X 6 DP from Michaels

Second Place:

*6 Chipboard Coaster
*1 Costco Ribbon
*1 box Felt Flowers
*1 set of Clear Stamps from Michaels
*Mixture of Primas

Third Place:
*6 Chipboard Coasters
*1 Costco Ribbon
*1 box Felt Tulips
*1 set of clear stamps from Michaels
*Mixture of Primas
Back tomorrow with the winners and I will post all the entries so you can see how hard my decision is going to be!!

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