Monday, May 07, 2007

Exciting News!

I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people through this 'hobby' of mine called stamping. And with that I have made some wonderful friendships. One such friendship would be with a wonderful lady by the name of Diana Crick. I joined a OSW(One Sheet Wonder) Swap with Diana back in the Fall. We started emailing each other and since have been involved in a few more swaps together. Recently Diana, contacted me about a new business venture in her life and asked if I would join her in doing a tutorial for her website! I was so excited to be a part of it and now you all get the chance to see what Diana, myself and some other talented ladies have been up to!

I introduce you to Diana Crick and her wonderful
The slightly textured scoring surface is 12" x 12", with a raised fence at the top (ruler markings) and on the left and right side. This aligns your paper for perfect scoring. No more crooked cards!
Grooves are across the board at different intervals. Besides the normal 1/2" and 1" intervals there are grooves at 2 1/8" for gate fold cards, at 4 1/4" for normal A2 cards, and at 3.666" and 7.333" for brochure folding (divides 11" paper into equal thirds)
When you place your card stock on the scoring surface, you are able to do multiple scores without moving the paper. Grid cards, accordion folds, boxes etc are scored in seconds. The score lines result in crisp, accurate folds!
At the 0 to 1" mark and 11" to 12" mark there are 1/8" markings. By proper paper placement this will allow you to score 1/8 " increments such as 1 7/8"
The included scoring tool snaps into place at the top of the unit. It is always at hand. It has been specially designed to fit the grooves so the card stock can not be torn while scoring.
Perfect tool for straight and diagonal line embossing on cards and scrapbook pages!
The above is taken from the website. Let me tell you though from a creators point of view, this tool is simply wonderful! If you enjoy making projects with different scoring designs and love to work with Designer paper you will love the Scor-pal. I for one was getting quite frustrated in constantly cutting through my DP no matter how careful I was with my scoring blade on my cutter. I really do love working with the Scor-pal. Please go and check out the website and see all the guest designers and their creations!

Thank you again Diana for this opportunity to work with you and the Scor-pal!

Here is another card I did while we were working on the design and measurements...
And now on another note...the couch has finally arrived!!
I had to work all weekend, but lets just say hubby was a busy boy this weekend ;0) Since Friday we got the couch, new blinds for the living room, new blinds for the bedroom, new dresser for me, new dresser for our youngest daughter, new end table for the living room, new bedding for our bed, and knobs for our oldest daughters dresser! We are definitely on a roll ;0) What's left? Well, we still plan to paint the whole house, buy a new lamp and possibly a new tv stand. We had planned to possibly buy a friends tent trailer this year too...we are actually hoping that we don't like it so that we can do some more things around the house now!! But we will see. It has been fun. We have not bought anything new for quite sometime and this is the first time in the almost 17 years that we have been together that our house actually looks like 'grown ups' live here! ;0)

The plan for me tonight is to get down and clean up my stamp room now! Hopefully I will get a chance to share something new this week.

Have a great day and thanks for stoppin' by :0)


Kristine said...

Sounds like you've done some amazing changes in your house! I LOVE that sofa set!! Great taste ;) Oh YEA~!! That scoring thingy looks like it'd be a very useful tool. I'll have to check out the website. Congrats on helping her with the site. looking forward to seeing some samples etc. :)

Nancy said...

The sofa is gorgeous!!!!!

Julie Mutch said...

Oh I'm so envious! That sectional is gorgeous. I could just curl up and go to sleep on it! lol :) Have fun with all the renos and new things! It's fun isn't it? :)

Julie Mutch said...

Oops, thought the card was on the next post up...your tri-fold card is bneautiful. I love the colours and your DP is beautiful! Did you use a Score-Pal to score the DP? Looks like a fun tool! :)

Quilt Nut said...

love the new sofa

Shanismom said...

love the sofa....