Monday, July 30, 2007

{ Back to the real world :0( }

We are back from a wonderful weekend of camping. The weather was outstanding and we enjoyed sometime in the lake(Gull Lake, AB and Sylvan Lake, AB). We are hoping to get back out there again in 2 weeks!

I am hoping to post something new for you this the meantime I have been tagged by Allison in a 'pay it forward' type tag. I have to send out a RAK to someone(freind, family or fellow blogger) and then tag 5 others who will do the same. I will try and get out a few today! It maybe you ;0)

Now who to tag?

*Laura L

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Dottie K said...

Hi Tracy - welcome Back! Glad you had a wonderful week. Looking forward to seeing something new. Have a great day! :)