Monday, July 16, 2007

{ Got a question }

I am looking to find a new site for downloading music. Where do you get your music from? Do you recommend it? Please leave me a comment. We currently don't have a MP3 player...we just download WMA files and burn them when we want a copy for the van or truck...otherwise we just listen to them on the computer.



Melissa Norris said...

I personally love iTunes. I have been using it since 2004 when I got my first iPod. It's so easy to keep everything organized and easy peasy to use.

Anne Marie Gross said...

My husband and I went around and around on this. Both of us were really leary of the quality and authenticity of a lot of the free music sites, so we decided to download Yahoo music player. But then we learned that my teen's mp3 player was not compatible, so we cancelled that memberhsip. Now we just go to music and are very happy. Tunes are only 88cents each, and we've had no problems with the downloads.