Friday, July 06, 2007

{ More changes! }

Yup, I've been playin' around with ideas for my blog again. I think I have finally come to a decision. Because some of you freaked {Kim...just teasing you ;0)}when I deleted my blog list, I have decided to change my weekly blog in profile. I will profile 5 blogs each week for you to check out. These will be in no order what-so-ever. You will find them on the right hand side. Also, I will be featuring 3 new music videos each week. These are songs that I enjoy and listen to on a regular basis or new artists that I have found that you must check out! Hope you enjoy the new features. This is my blog and it is my 'Happy Place' not just for my stamping, but all things that make me Happy.

Enjoy! :0)


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I like it!
O can be a bit of a spazz sometimes. I don't like change much. But as you said it IS your blog. *smiles*
I will miss you while I'm gone!

Nancy Grant said...

That's so cool to see my blog on your list as well as some of my favorite friends' blogs listed too!
Thank you!